7 Keycodes of Alchemy (+ Akashic Alchemy Certification)

Long ago, ancient mystics would gather in powerful vortexes, secretly teaching each other spiritual practices to unlock intuitive and healing gifts, leaving behind templates encoded in the land. You can enter into these ancient rituals and awaken your secret codes of alchemy, with me.

In 7 Keycodes of Alchemy, you become part of a tribe, returning to recover their ancient wisdom…

Planetary upgrades coming in 2020 are profound. The codes that are awakening our Collective memory are being activated through the planetary vortexes at an unprecedented rate.

Towering above the surrounding landscape, Mount Shasta is regarded as a sacred interdimensional portal allowing sincere seekers the opening for deep purification, insights, and trans-dimensional experiences.

It is in these sacred vortexes, like the Great Pyramids and Stonehenge, and Mount Shasta, where you will experience the sheer magnetic power of the land, assisting you in reaching very high states of consciousness. The plasma surface of Mount Shasta alters your electromagnetic field allowing you to easily enter high states of consciousness. These energies can be conducted through the etheric field and received by you, when you learn how to open your consciousness to this process, through the ceremonies provided in this training.

After this sacred alchemy immersion you’ll be able to:

Clarify your Soul Mission.

Feel a sense of belonging in the world of Lightworkers and get in touch with the cosmic support that is available to you.

Drastically crunch your timeline (meaning shorten the time it takes you achieve that which is important to you).

Uncover mystical skills, including advanced intuition/psychic ability, self healing abilities, and get in touch with your most advanced creativity.

Know that you know that you know, you’re on the right path and have the power to affect change in any situation that calls you.

During this immersion you’ll train online, with some of the most advanced human masters on the planet, in your Akashic Records, in gem and flower elixir medicine, in channeling and meditation, you’ll learn about and experience bio feedback, and you’ll meet Paul of Venus, one of the most highly demanded guides on the planet for his ability to usher miracles of consciousness, as he brings through a live transmission from the Mountain. Upon completion of this course material, you may submit your work to receive your Akashic Alchemy Certification.

During this virtual retreat you will experience:


Daily immersion with your Akashic Records

Deep soul healing and purification

Astral Traveling into locations where your ancient self has left behind the secret codes of alchemy

Working with a sacred community of Lightworkers who are holding the frequency of highest potential

Craft ancestral medicine that will release you from your old patterns and ways of being that aren’t serving you so you can fully show up in your power, helping your family, friends, and clients, also achieve massive breakthroughs.

Ancestral Medicine

During this experience you will be crafting ancestral medicine. There is a small shopping list required for this aspect of the training. You will need to acquire these materials to complete your medicine AND submit the requested material from your journal to be considered for certification.

Shopping List: (these materials need to be collected by the end of day 3)

  2 oz amber glass bottle with dropper lid
.5 oz amber glass bottle with dropper lid
Lemurian crystal (may substitute any crystal)
unetched (totally smooth) clear glass bowl
spring or filtered water (not distilled)
brandy (small amount for preserving)

Akashic Alchemist Certification requirements
(submitted one time, via email, upon completion of the process):

Day 1-Day 3 Homework
Images of final product


Submit to emily@theakashicacademy.com once you’ve completed the course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the energy as powerful on the replay?

Yes, This energy is powerfully co-creative. It is not diminished by time or space. This energy will work with you to an equal degree that you show up present, for this process.

Do I have to complete the course in 4 days?

4 days is optimal but not required, however that’s how the majority of the first wavers completed this process. Not all of them. Like a smaller percent of our first wavers, you may find you also need a longer duration in between the ceremonial videos, which will be dictated by your intuition. I invite you to consider what will support you the most through this process.

In what kind of file should I email Emily my certification requirements?

They can all be picture files attached in the email. Send screenshots of your day 1-day 3 of your homework, along with images of your Mother Essence and stock bottle. Submit to emily@theakashicacademy.com once you’ve completed the course.

How will I receive my certification?
Once your requirements are received and reviewed, you will be emailed your certification.

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