The Akashic Magazine is a Spiritual Seeker’s ultimate handbook, providing the most current metaphysical information for all areas of your life.

Here's what you will get:

Practical tips and tools to advance your intuition, regardless of your current level.
New energy healing protocols you can try at home to shift your finances, relationships, and health.
Intuitive forecasts on the coming season, helping you foresee opportunities and harness them.
Investigate Spiritual connections to modern Science and deepen your understanding of comic mysteries.

Get Insights from Featured Contributions such as:

Kai Van Bodhi

Kai Van Bodhi is a pioneer in the field of Holistic Medicine, integrating both Ancient Alchemy and Modern Neuroscience into a complete and accessible pathway to unlocking human potential. Holding a masters degree in Oriental Medicine, he is an artful teacher of meditation, taichi, qigong and mind-body exercise.

Johnathan White

Johnathan White is an instructor of Sexual Kung Fu, as well as Qigong and wellness. He enjoys helping people from all walks of life take control of their health, abundance, happiness, and sexual vitality.

His mission is to educate others on the depth and power of sexual energy, and to help them awaken their dormant powers within.

Kierra King

Kierra King is the founder of Womb Code Ltd., a psychic spiritual life coach, and multidimensional energy worker for intuitive leaders. She specializes in clairvoyant translation of galactic information for the collective consciousness.

She is based in the USA. You can follow her on social media and catch energy updates via YouTube.

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Love From Our Happy Readers

Akashic Magazine has become a trusted resource for discovering new practices, modalities and lightworkers...

"For Me, the Akashic Magazine has become a trusted resource for discovering new practices, modalities and lightworkers. This day in the digital age, there is a lot of content out there, and a lot that don’t have the intention of creating real value. With the akashic magazine being curated so mindfully by trusted healers like Emily and crew, I can give my full attention to an article with the confidence that I’ll get something big out of it. The magazine has introduced me to quite a few new practices and I look forward to each issue!”.

Kaitlyn Emery

Reading the Akashic Magazine inspires me to continue to live from my heart...

"Reading the Akashic Magazine inspires me to continue to live from my heart, where one finds peace, joy, and that elevated unconditional love that resides within us all!”.

Wanda Yvette

A buffet of spiritual knowledge and insight...

"A buffet of spiritual knowledge and insight for the ever-evolving soul. It’s a must-have for those ready to dive in to their highest level of healing and growth.”.

Bex Marie

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