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Mystical Journey into your Akashic Records to awaken your ability to shift reality and design your life so that you can experience the joy, inspiration, and resources to live abundantly and on purpose.

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 Presenter: Emily Harrison, Founder of The Akashic Academy
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In the Akashic Vision Quest you will:

Learn radical self- acceptance so that you can stop judging yourself and others (which results in huge leaks of your vital life force energy).

Discover the 3 components necessary for you to reach and maintain flow state so your life will feel genuinely pleasant and easy.

Experience a heightened state of consciousness to enter your Akashic Records and discover your unique role in society.

In 2019-2020 the cosmic energy signature is all about timeline jumping...

You have the opportunity to leave behind ALL the outdated aspects of you, and jump into the life you’ve always desired.

Now, let’s talk about this life you’ve always desired… because to be honest, the concept is sooooooo stale to me. So I had better do some reframing of this one, if we’re going to run a week long Masterclass about it...

…and I want to reframe this for you too. The idea of the desired life where all want to be filthy rich with not a care in the world, is stupid and shallow. Who just wants to be happy, for Christ-Consciousness’ sake?

But, we all know happiness doesn’t last long when bills need payin’.

So, let’s take this conversation out of the realm of our happiness levels and our bill levels.

Let’s dissect more. Those humans who have figured out how to have a life worth living and celebrating, what do they know that you don’t?

They have figured out how to put themselves in a mental and emotional state to deeply enjoy what they are doing in any given moment.

They have learned:

How to manage their internal energy

How to remove negative traits from their ancestry

How to awaken the ability to shift their reality and design their life.

This is exactly what I will teach you in this one of a kind Masterclass Series, Akashic Vision Quest.

What is a vision quest?

A vision quest is a Native American rite of passage in which a person prays/cries out to the Spirits, that they may have a vision. One that will help them to find their purpose in life, their role in the community, and how they may best serve the people.

What is an Akashic Vision Quest?

The Akashic Records are the ethereal library where all information, past, present, and all possible futures have been recorded from a perspective of unconditional love and zero judgment.

There is an Akashic Record for every human on the planet. You can seek this Soul level information to understand and enhance your mission, and provide immediate insights regarding the best choices, practices, and relationships for you to engage in.

As you participate in this Free Masterclass Series, get ready to:

Understand your personal patterns and discover what you need to flourish.

Learn how to manage impulses that used to control you, so you can fully choose your responses to life.

Experience other-worldly insight and support to embody your destiny.

When these baseline fundamentals are in tact you can do anything, be anything, create anything.
If you can imagine it, it’s yours.

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 Note: Every morning at 9:00 am (local time) you will receive a new video class and you will have several days to watch the recording.

Meet Your Akashic Vision Quest Guide

After becoming a certified Akashic Records practitioner in 2015, Emily’s life shifted dramatically. Leaving behind a career in Hollywood, Emily created an energy healing business that includes teaching, speaking, contributing to the Huffington Post.

Emily mentors high level visionaries, artists, scientists, researchers, and energy healers, to manage their personal energy and advance their intuition to heal their bodies and minds, and unlock access to Infinite Intelligence.

Emily is the Founder/Director of The Akashic Academy, a modern day mystery school, dedicated to sharing knowledge that is changing the planet.

Love From Happy Clients and Students

"Emily has the unique and beautiful ability to open and hold a sacred and safe space for others while simultaneously using humor, being human, allowing guidance to flow in and articulating that guidance in a way that's relatable. She is able to ask questions that will enable one to access their own wisdom and connect dots that had previously been disparate. I left my time with Emily feeling empowered, lighter and expanded yet grounded. Highly recommended!"

S.K., California

"Every time Emily helps me open my records, I get more clarity on issues that I am currently facing, or that have been in the back of my mind for a while. The last two times that I have worked with her, I leave knowing what steps I need to take next. In addition, after the readings, when I find myself in a difficult situation, I am able to directly apply guidance and advice provided in the readings. Examples: For the past two years I’ve had fleeting thoughts of selling my home, but never moved forward because I could not pinpoint what irked me. After opening my records I understood the reason and became determined to sell my home. The next week, I put the home on the market and it sold the first week of showing. It felt great! "
A.V., California

"Emily has guided me to find deep insight through my Akashic Records regarding my personal and professional life. Her nurturing attitude and ease with facilitating readings made me comfortable and passionate about the knowledge she had to share with me. It has made a deep impact on my life and I highly recommend her."
J.G., California

You Information is 100% Secure. Read Privacy Policy

 Note: Every morning at 9:00 am (local time) you will receive a new video class and you will have several days to watch the recording.

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