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The Akashic Academy Membership program provides the daily, weekly, and monthly support you need, to shift your reality and fall in love with your life.

What happens inside The Akashic Academy that’s so special?

Exactly what do you stand to gain when you become a member?

I’m glad you asked.

Because, how your life will turn out depends on you asking the right questions. I’ll explain more in the short video, below. But, first, here’s the skippy on what results you can expect when you become a member and commit to our system:

10X your ability to shift reality

More clarity about your highest path

Peace and bliss on the daily

Don’t think all this is possible? Well, I’ve got the solutions reversed engineered down to a daily practice, that will change your mind.

First, I want you to have a surreal experience . I want you to actually FEEL how much ancient wisdom is pulsing through your being.

Let’s get started RIGHT NOW. There is a powerful activation waiting for you in this 2 minute video... Then, I want to invite you to do something weird. After watching, check you email for your next steps...

About Emily Harrison

I am a certified Akashic Records practitioner. I have also earned an advanced certification pertaining to past life and ancestral clearings, as well as a separate, advanced certification which invokes powerful healing from the Records.

As an Akashic Records practitioner, I open your specific records, and together, we bring questions about your life issues. 

Emily Harrison, Founder and Director of the Akashic Academy

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