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Leading the global rise of light workers by equipping you with spiritual technology to unleash your human potential.

Become powerful in your spiritual gifts and equip yourself with new spiritual technology each week inside your Intuitive Development class.

Bring deeper awareness and presence into your daily live with your weekly Mindful Living Class.

Release negative emotions and energetic blocks while planting seeds of greatness through New Moon and Full Moon Ceremonies.

Connect with light workers all around the globe who are dedicated to raising the energy on this planet.

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Intuitive Life Coach

Energy Healer

Reiki Master

Yoga Instructor

Seeking Spiritual Development

Oracle Card Reader

Participation in The Akashic Academy gives you amazing perks...

Our members receive access to a whopping 10 private workshops and ceremonies EACH MONTH!

(That's right, 10 brand spankin' new workshops every 30 days.) These classes are designed to give you the most powerful metaphyscial and multidimensional training possible! Step into your highest spiritual growth and potential!

Every Monday: Mindful Living with Nakula Das (Coach Nick), Growth Director of The Akashic Academy

Increase your personal focus and ability to stay present in each moment, which is the foundation to enlightenment, with practical teachings and exercises from the ancient Vedic texts.

Every Wednesday: Intuitive Development with Emily Harrison, Founder/Director of the Akashic Academy

Increase your understanding/awareness of all psychic and healing abilities, learn to use spiritual technologies to transform your life and the lives of others.

New and Full Moon Ceremonies

Each month harness the natural cycles of the cosmos to support you in releasing patterns that no longer serve you, as well as setting goals and manifesting intentions.

Replays are always available which means our list of workshops is constantly increasing.

Here are just a few current titles available exclusively for our members:

  • The Galactic Council on Alignment, Oneness, and Advancement
  • Ancient Mayan activation for the Pineal Gland to increase intuition
  • Clairvoyant Activation for better connection and readings of others
  • Channeled transmission from the Pleaidian-Atlantean Collective
  • Channeled transmission from the Galactic Council of Light: Pleaidian Collective on the Pole Shift
  • Harnessing Sexual Energy for quicker and easier manifestation abilities
  • Release Yourself from Accumulating Karma
  • How to Overcome The Influence of the Material World
  • How Fasting Can Help You Live More Mindfully
  • Use Lust to Increase Your Spiritual Power

Our members are raving about the benefits they are seeing in their lives...

What client says...

I am so grateful to have connected with Coach Nick who introduced me to Emily Harrison last year.
They were both generous to have interviewed me on their shows which led to the opportunity for my own show The Power of Energy Healing.

This all guided me to The Akashic Academy membership which is an amazing community of supportive and spiritual people. It's so wonderful to be a member of a group with some familiar friends and connecting with so many new people who are all incredible and very welcoming.

I highly recommend joining The Akashic Academy membership and experiencing all of the wisdom, warmth, fun and so much more that is shared there. It has so much to offer for such an affordable amount... it truly feels like home.

Christy Warnick

Akashic Academy Member

Being a member in the Akashic Academy has been a great experience. In addition to the founders Emily & Nick, there are many talented & dedicated light workers who are members.

The energy, meditations & information that's exchanged are all high quality and helped my personal growth. I've also made some new friends and have been inspired to collaborate with several members in bringing energy & information into the public sphere
by appearing on & hosting FB live events.

I'm very grateful to everyone at the academy for their private & public work and for their support. If this resonates with you based on your personal journey, I would recommend contacting Emily and/or Nick to discuss how they may walk part of your journey with you.

Mike Cappo

Akashic Academy Member

I have had the privelege of working with Emily and Nick inside the Akashic Academy.

Emily's ability to communicate directly with the Akashic Records to deliver much needed downloads and channelled messages, is a beautiful gift to receive and to witness.

The Akashic Academy will leave your soul feeling cleansed, healed, uplifted, and touched by divine love in such a beautiful uplifting way.

Deborah Williams

Akashic Academy Member

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel anytime?
Yes you can cancel anytime. To cancel you can log in to the billing area of your account, subscriptions and then click cancel. You can also reach us at with your request.
What happens when I join?
You'll receive a confirmation emails with details to log in The Akashic Academy, join our Sacred Community and participate in your first practice. Over the first few weeks you will receive orientation emails that will guide you through the different activities and practices.
What if I am brand new to the spiritual journey, is this too advanced for me?
No, each class is taught with different levels of spiritual knowledge and advancement kept in mind. The teachings inside the Akashic Academy can help you achieve greater spiritual understanding no matter where you are in your own journey.
What if I have been practicing for a long time, is this just for beginners?
No, as you know, the master knows there is no such thing as mastery. Each class inside the Academy is designed with all levels of spiritual practitioners kept in mind. There is an unlimited wealth of knowledge to be found inside the Academy for the advanced practitioner.
Are there opportunities to become a teacher with the Academy?
Yes, there are a few different steps to take to doing this. If you are interested in becoming a teacher with the Akashic Academy please connect with Emily Harrison to learn more.

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