Mount Shasta Akashic Immersion 2022


A practical guide to QUANTUM LEAP into your highest timeline through planning within your Akashic Records

  • Are you concerned about a global recession and don’t want to be limited by collective fear?
  • Do you want to feel sovereign and creative regardless of external circumstances? 
  • Are you tired of information overload and burned out from all the spiritual fluff that doesn’t work?

If so, then I want to invite into a QUANTUM L.E.A.P. workshop that is guaranteed to be:

Focused ~ You’ll become crystal clear about what vibrations you want to send the Universe. 

Simple ~ Anyone can do it, even if you don’t consider yourself psychic.

Effective ~ I will teach you my FOOL PROOF system of co-creating with the Universe. 


I’ve used this method to create over a million dollars in revenue while learning to stay relaxed and not becoming frazzled and snippy at my kids. 

My clients have used this method to write and publish award winning novels, complete masterful dissertations, and dismantle their corporate 9-5 jobs and create their own high paying income, while having the most fun of their lives and feeling super inspired everyday, even when it’s hard. 

And now you can use this method, too, to L.E.A.P. into your highest potentiality, any timeline of your creation, using your Akashic Records, or superconscious intelligence.

NOTE: This isn’t magic, this is proven science and involves a formula that you have to follow. While you can get whatever results you’re willing to do the work for, let’s be clear this isn’t a “genie in a bottle” kind of solution.   

P.S. Click below to register for only $44.44.


Envision and plan your highest timeline within your Akashic Records.

In this workshop you will:

  • Use your Akashic Records to explore unlimited possibilities (even if you don’t currently know how to read your Records, I’ll guide you in.) 
  • Learn a fool proof, results guaranteed method to co-create with the Universe 
  • Map out your desired timeline and quantum leap into your brightest future. 

What you will need for this workshop:

  • Bring your notebook
  • A snack (for grounding)
  • And a calendar/planner. 

This year promises to EXPLODE your potential, however not without challenges….just remember, pressure without vision will create a heart attack. Pressure with vision will create a diamond. 

Investment for this quantum L.E.A.P. workshop is:

$ 44.44

One-time payment

Note: This was a LIVE recorded workshop. You will receive access to the recording.

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