Awakening Your Ability to Shift Reality

Opening your access to infinite cosmic wisdom so you can heal, grow, and create to your Divine potential.

In the Akashic Records Certification training, you will be taught a process to align with the highest cosmic intelligence, allowing you to:

This process is designed to:

Personally heal yourself of emotional and physical dis-ease

Identify and clear oppressive belief systems

Experience deep and transformative self-love

Clear ancestral energy patterns no longer serving you or the collective

Understand your life mission and open access to your highest potential

Access your quantum healing abilities

Unlock new energetic skills

YOU can Learn to Read the Akashic Records -- Even if:

You have no previous experience with meditation or spiritual practice
You’ve had no psychic experiences in your life
Your mind is full of chatter
You don’t consider yourself creative
You don’t have an advanced education
You are skeptical

Where are they now?

Who remembers my student Cindy Kuhlman, from the last (October 2018) edition of The Akashic Magazine? I interviewed Cindy and Jim (another amazing student) about what it’s like to be in such a multidimensional training program? Was it what they expected? Cindy is now a graduate! (Congratulations, My Friend.) I thought you might want to know how her experienced turned out, what her biggest take aways were, and if she had any crazy transformational experiences, or anything like that...wink, wink.

Upon graduating, Cindy gave me one of my most prized possessions that easily found its way to my “keep forever” pile.

It is with Cindy’s love and permission that I share this letter.

To my teacher and friend, Now that I have completed the student classes, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your gentle and loving guidance and support for the past few months.

I felt so comfortable and safe with you during my Akashic records reading that I knew I should take your class.

Cindy had a private session with me which activated a lot of energy for her in the Akash. Same with my journey except the time that elapsed between my reading and my learning was about 15 years. I like to shorten that gap for people, wink.

I was expecting to learn techniques to read the Records, but your class is so much more than this. Each module includes mediations, healings and lessons that enable the student to explore their lives, heal their wounds and be open to the magic of the Akashic realm. During the student sessions you not only provide information from the Records, but also act as a sort of Akashic therapist as you help each of us work through any issues that might be impacting us.

Funny you mention that...see, when someone signs up to study with me, an agreement begins between you and your Records. For the duration of your study, your life will mirror the work and allow you to see your patterns playing out right in front you, It’s usually quite big for people. I figure the least I can do is drop in “aid packages” to my peeps in the remote terrain. But yeah, it’s like your own mini-Akashic Records session, every week. And, you get to sit in on the other student’s mini sessions as well. I do my best to make the tough work, lighter. We laugh a lot.I could have never anticipated how my life would change during these past few months.

Before the class:

I lived a life of isolation and rarely left my house. When I did leave my house, I refused to make eye contact with others. When I first tried to access my past lives in another Akashic records class, I received the message that I was not ready yet and saw my heart enclosed in a glass box. I took class after class on various topics, but I kept my microphone and camera off during Zoom and Facebook live sessions. I didn’t feel confident enough to share my thoughts and feelings. I said affirmations each day and even took classes on loving myself, but never truly felt the love. I wore gloves, hats, scarfs, two pairs of pants and two long sleeved shirts when I went out of the house, even during car rides. My sun disease had caused so much pain in the past that I didn’t want to take a chance with any sun exposures. I rarely attended family gatherings and when I did, I counted the minutes until I could leave. I wasn't unable to communicate with animals, which has been a dream of mine for years. I didn’t trust or listen to most of the guidance I received from my higher self, angels, or other spiritual teachers. I was searching for myself, but was lost.

Honestly, this is hard for me to imagine, Cindy. One, because I love you so much that I can’t imagine you going through this. And two, I’ve only ever seen you as your most realized self. All of my students, I see this way. It’s my secret sauce, and your letter is about to get REALLY good.

After the class:

I love going for walks or to stores and engaging people in conversations. I had a breakthrough realization. When I was younger, I wanted to be an open heart surgeon. I realize now that even as a young child I knew that I had closed my heart from others. My mission in life would be to break open the glass box around my heart, and for the hearts of others.

I attend festivals and other activities with large groups of people and enjoy feeling the excitement and energy. Each week, I looked forward to sharing the amazing results I was having, with you and the students. I cried and laughed and learned so much each class. Each module opened my mind to new opportunities to learn and explore my gifts. I discovered my love for sacred geometry, healing meditations, and activations. After the love activation, I felt and still feel such love and compassion for myself, and my journey. I find myself dancing and singing and feeling happiness that I had never known.

I released past trauma related to my family. My compassion for them and their own struggles is helping me to mend our relationships. I discovered methods, to either manage my pain from my sun disease, minimize it, or cure it to the point that I stopped wearing gloves, hats, scarfs and so many layers of clothes. I even started wearing shorts and sandals.

I know that my disease was necessary for a life of isolation, but also knew that the time had come where this was no longer part of my path. This opened the door for my healing. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I was guided to attend the class. During the 15 weeks, family events coincided with lessons and gave me opportunities to recognize my reactions and heal from past wounds.

I completed a meditation to release fear when I was on a family vacation in Hawaii. I decided to parachute out of a plane the next day! What are the chances that was a coincidence. NONE!

I now use the Akashic records to communicate with my pets and other animals. I receive such detailed information that I know that a real connection has been made. I wake up each morning filled with gratitude and knowing that I am being guided. Even if I don’t know what I might be doing each day, I know that shining my own light will help others.

With gratitude and love,


To all my past, present, and future students, thank you. THIS is why I do what I do.

When you join this 15-Week Program, you will:

COURSE 1: Introduction to the Akashic Records

Learn the basics of the Akashic Records and how to read the Records for not only yourself, but also your home, animals, and crystals.

WEEK 1: Learn the basics of the Akashic Records and how to read the Records for not only yourself, but also your home, animals, and crystals.

WEEK 2: Prerequisites to Reading the Akashic Records

WEEK 3: The Sacred Ritual/ Opening the Akashic Records

WEEK 4: How to Deal with Blocks

WEEK 5: Reading the Records of Animals, Locations, and Crystals

COURSE 2: Radical Self Transformation through the Akashic Records

This course is designed to deliver radical self transformation by discovering the true nature of who you are and understating your soul’s mission on the planet.

WEEK 6: Search for Higher Understanding

WEEK 7: Characteristics of the Akashic Records/ Expanding Your Growth

WEEK 8: Discovering the True Nature of Life

WEEK 9: Using the Akashic Records for Healing

WEEK 10: Expanding Our Understanding of Karma, Linear Time, and Unity Consciousness

COURSE 3: Advanced Healing Protocols with the Akashic Records

Learn how to facilitate the healing energy of the Akashic Records to clear your karma, heal all areas of “dis-ease”, and co-create the best possible future for yourself and others.

WEEK 11: Exploring past Life Connections to Present Life Issues

WEEK 12: Recovering Your Ancient Wisdom

WEEK 13: Strengthening Your Future

WEEK 14: Understanding Ancestral Patterns

WEEK 15: Reading for Clients

Still wondering if Learning to Read the Akashic Records is for you?

Read on! Here’s what kind of upleveling you can expect in the quantum...

Activate Christ-Consciousness DNA
Activate crystalline Light Body (Merkaba)
Open access to multidimensional skills
Facilitate self-healing and personal transformation
Provide required course content for Akashic Records Practitioner Certification
Increase spiritual confidence
Activate Unified Chakra field
Anchor a personal timeline shift into 5D

Love From Happy Clients and Students

I have learned so much about myself and my abilities

"I have learned so much about myself and my abilities, as well as becoming more confident and TRUSTING my intuition."

Bryan Cable

Certified Akashic Records Practitioner

I have stepped into my power. I know there is more to come.

"I have been reconnected with my beautiful sister Emily who I adore. She has so much wisdom to impart in beautiful authentic way. I am so grateful that one decision and where it has led me and continues to do so."

Janelle Cameron

Host of "Cosmic Ascension Report"

Amazing Bonuses!


Bonus Offer # 1 - 1 Month free membership into the Akashic Academy (You can activate it anytime in the next 12 months) [$159 Value]

The Akashic Academy Membership program offers mind, body, and spirit, education and support for today’s Lightworkers. This community is designed to keep our Lightworkers of the planet nurtured, connected, and in peak performance for their missions’. We provide weekly workshops as well as community rituals designed to educate, uplift, and inspire YOU, one of the most valuable assets to this planet.

Bonus Offer # 2 - Akashic Initiation & Group Activation [$497 Value]

30 min on boarding call with Emily.

Self-Study Learning to Read Your Records - Limited Time Offer!

My Learning to Read Your Records Mentorship Program is $5,500…
What I’ve done is created a self-study version.

You can get the Self-Study Learning to Read Your Records for a limited time



Bonus #1 - 1 Month free membership into the Akashic Academy ($159 value)
Bonus #2 - Akashic Initiation & Group Activation ($497 value)
Bonus #3 - Akashic Alchemist Certification Training ($300 value)


$ 1,495

(Save 40%) $2,495
One-time payment


$ 555

(Regular $925)
3 payments billed monthly


$ 295

(Regular $477)
6 payments billed monthly

Love From Our Clients 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I access the class information?

You will be assigned a unique user id and password which will allow you access through our student portal. You will also receive weekly emails that will guide you to your access points. If you have any trouble receiving your material, we have an excellent team to handle all your customer service needs. We’ll take care of you, just email us.

If I reach a difficult portion of the growth and need support from Emily, what do I do?

If you have enrolled in the self study program, you will receive a special bonus session with Emily. You may want to save this session for when deeply personal wounds arise for healing, OR, as new metaphysical skills come on line and integrate into your personal practice. If you have enrolled in mentorship under Emily, you will also receive this bonus session, in addition to having an assigned weekly private session with Emily. During this time Emily will assist you with any and all issues and questions that arise along your journey.

Can I become a certified Akashic Records Practitioner through this experience?

Yes, both the self study option, as well as personal mentorship under Emily, offer the opportunity to earn a certification from The Akashic Academy. Requirements to earn certification are completion of all class material, then a final Akashic Records reading with Emily as acilitated by the student.

If I don’t finish the class material, what happens?

You will always have access to the online content, whether you have chosen the self study option or mentorship with Emily. Participation with group and private coaching with Emily is limited to the 15 weeks following the student’s enrollment. NOTE: The Akashic Academy does not offer refunds however if your purchase become unsuitable to support your highest growth for any reason, we will do our best to reallocate your funds to a more suitable program for you. This consideration happens on an individual basis.

More Love From Our Clients!!! 

Being a member in the Akashic Academy and working with Emily has been a great experience. The energy, meditations & information that's exchanged are all high quality and have helped my personal growth.

"I've also made some new friends and have been inspired to collaborate with several members. I'm very grateful to everyone at the academy for their support.

If this resonates with you, I would recommend contacting Emily to discuss how she may walk part of your journey with you."

Mike Cappo

Akashic Academy Member, Science Teacher, Yoga Instructor

Emily is an excellent major, offering support and guidance throughout this process, while encouraging you to access the wisdom within. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to deepen their spiritual practice, and awaken to their spiritual gifts.

"Going through the Akashic Records program with Emily Harrison has been life changing. It has awakened so many spiritual gifts within me, and has allowed me to strengthen my connection to my spirit team.

I have been able to channel messages from the Akashic Records, which has allowed me to deepen my understanding and wisdom in other practices I utilize such as EFT and Astrology. It has helped to activate my psychic abilities, and receive messages from angels."

Kara Melendy

Emily thank you for the Akashic Records. When I first came across the Akashic Records program, I was in the closet about who I was regarding my gifts.

"Going through each module has opened me up to my true self and has strengthened my purpose and calling. My calling has never been clear and prevalent. I am grateful for the support and the Akashic family. You are a blessing to those who are in need of that extra insight and guidance.

The love you feel and the spiritual awaking you experience is one you can't less pass you by."

Laura Moreno AKA Lala

Emily's ability to communicate directly with the Akashic Records to deliver much needed downloads and channelled messages, is a beautiful gift to receive and to witness.

"I have had a privelege of working with Emily inside the Akashic Academy. Emily's ability to communicate directly with the Akashic Records to deliver much needed downloads and channelled messages, is a beautiful gift to receive and to witness."

Deborah Williams

Learning to Read the Akashic Records Student

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The Akashic Records are constantly revealing new insights that will help you make the most powerful decisions for yourself, your family and to further your mission here on the planet.


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The Akashic Records are constantly revealing new insights that will help you make the most powerful decisions for yourself, your family and to further your mission here on the planet.


Sign up for Emily’s newsletter to stay current on all events happening inside The Akashic Academy, and never miss an impactful download from your Akashic Records.

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