Extreme Downloads of Universal Intelligence

Codes that are awakening the collective memory are being activated through the planetary vortexes at an unprecedented rate. The sheer magnetic power of the land will assist you in reaching paramount states of consciousness.

This vortex immersion is limited to 7 powerful and chosen Souls, who are ready to challenge the status quo and shift culture on a global scale.

Entering these vortexes to study in your Akashic Record will activate a new Golden Age on our planet. One where you thrive in abundance, freedom, and harmony, possessing great understanding of your innate wisdom and advanced spiritual technologies.

You will experience:
  •   Attunement to your Akashic Records so you can master the ability to download cosmic intelligence instantly.
  •   Revelation of your Soul, pre-incarnation, to understand why you’ve chosen the lessons/circumstances you’ve experienced on the Earth plane.
  •   Discovery around the true nature of all your current and past relationships so you can release negativity surrounding painful trauma.
  •   Download advanced spiritual technologies, unique to you, allowing you to fully step into your genius and Divine influence.
  •   Methods to time travel so you can fully clear the karma of your past lives and quantum leap into your highest future.

Why must you learn these skills?

So every decision you make, is made in extreme confidence that you are moving in the right direction and you can easily execute your life’s mission.
So you can embody radical self awareness and break the patterns of playing small.
So you can access the highest levels of creativity and wisdom at a moment’s notice, that allow for instant healing and manifestation

So, what stands in your way?

Karmic blocks

some yours, some your ancestors, doesn’t matter, they’ll both keep you playing small

Secret self doubt

shows up as ignoring your bigger dreams

Inconsistency manifesting

Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t think you do, and sometimes you don’t like how it turned out

Lack of clarity

so, lack of focused energy, BOOOO leaving you scattered and energetically weak

Your mind is the culprit that keeps you spinning on the hamster wheel.

  •   The average human has between 12,000- 60,000 thoughts per day.
  •   90% of those are negative.
  •   80% are the same as yesterday.
  •   95-99% are subconscious, you don’t even realize you are thinking them.

Most people cannot overcome the patterns of the mind because they lack:

  •   Guidance
  •   Structure/tools
  •   Accountability
  •   Mentorship when needed

However with the technology of the Akashic Records, my clients have

Created 6 figure businesses using their unique gifts in a matter of months
Repaired relationships with their most important loved ones after years of estrangement
Healed their bodies of debilitating disease that interrupted a high quality of life
Tapped cosmic resources of intellige, abundance, and bliss allowing them to become fully self-expressed in their Divinity

Behind every great leader is a great advisor. Emily has been invited to speak on the most preistages platforms in America, including Harvard University and Columbia University, as the world is now fully recognizing the human potential movement and what is possible when you learn to access higher realms of consciousness.

Your current strategies will not work to get you to the next level.

Here’s where you are now, and here’s where you need to be…..

Only 7 spaces remain, click here to apply

What characteristics must you embody to be a right fit for this immersion?

  •   Commitment to meditation and seeking a higher understanding of yourself
  •   Willingness to course correct
  •   Desire to love yourself and embody your genius
  •   Vision of a more advanced and peaceful society
  •   Aspiration to influence others toward their highest potential
  •   Eagerness to take action

Love From Happy Clients and Students

Amplified Influence

"Working wiith Emily in the Akashic Records has helped me reach 5 figure moths, while doing what I love and making a positive difference in the world."

Kara Melendy

Graduate of The Akashic Academy

Laser Focus

"Emily has opened me up to my true self. My calling has never been more clear and prevelant."

Laura Moreno

Graduate of The Akashic Academy

Activate Self-Healing

"I cured my life long disease to sun exposure, I know the time has come where this disease is no longer a part of my path."

Cindy Kuhlman

Graduate of The Akashic Academy

Expanded Impact

"Introducing my clients to the Akashic Records has provided them with infinite access to creative power. "

Laura Mazzotta

Graduate of The Akashic Academy

Behind the scenes EXTRAS…

In addition to the wisdom and guidance provided by Akashic Academy Founder, Emily Harrison, you’ll also receive training and activation from indeginous Toltec Elder, Rahelio Rodrieguez.

These bonus excursions include:

  •  Guided journey into the vortexes of Sedona, for cosmic activation with Rahelio.
  •   Visit a traditional Medicine Wheel, learn of its sacred powers and engage in ancient ritual.
  •   Experience a transformational sweat lodge ceremony to TURN ON your inner energy generator.
  •   Activation within your physical body, allowing you to transmit frequencies to activate others to their highest potential.

This is only a small snippet of what you’ll experience during this Akashic Records Vortex Immersion.

If you are an energy healer, a visionary, an artist, a thought leader, and here to make a difference on the planet, This transcendental experience is for you.

Click here to apply and please note, not all applications will be accepted.

Emily speaking
"I had the pleasure of listening to Emily Harrison when she spoke at Harvard University. Her energy was electric and she had the crowd on their feet at the end."

- Tim Alyson, Business Mogul, Founder of Screw the NaySayers

After being featured on CBS, NBC, HBO, Lifetime, Netflix, The Huffington Post, Thrive, and many more platforms of influence, Emily is now available to you for an in person experience with you. Don’t miss your opportunity for profound spiritual advancement, available nowhere else on the planet.

If you are asking how much this is going to cost, I’m going to ask you, what’s the cost of you NOT coming?

  •   5, 10, 20 years of slow progress?
  •   Marginal results in your business?
  •   The peace of mind that you’re even on the highest track?
  •   Confusion and changing your mind about what you’re really here on the planet to do?
  •   Self doubt that will cause disease in your body and mind?
  •   The discomfort of wondering what you could have created if you had made the decision that you were worth it and NOW was your time?

Sedona 2020 (September 28 - October 2)

You must apply before registering


$ 3,500

One time-payment


$ 4,000

Payment 1 to hold your spot $2000, due now: payment 2, $2000, due by September 1, 2020

Purpose: To clear traumatic karma and activate new skills within the Akashic Records, while harnessing the power of the Sedona vortexes for added potency.

What life-changing intelligence will your Akashic Record reveal?

Meet Rahelio Rodriguiez, Native Toltec Edler. With over 33 years of experience in Sedona, Rahelio will be your mystic guide into the sacred vortexes and leading you in a profound sweat lodge ceremony .

Radical self-transformation

Use the Akashic Records to invite revelation beyond your wildest dreams so you can experience unprecedented breakthrough and success

Banash self doubt

Experience the sheer power of mother earth as she activates your personal power centers through her vortexes

Harness the power in community

Benefit from a spiritual community with extremely high frequencies which amplify your access to your record

Vortex activation and medicine wheel

Sacred ceremony and vortex meditation with Toltec Ancestor, Rahelio Rodriguez

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