What will the Akashic Records reveal about you,that will finally allow you to embody your genius?

The next phase of human growth will require raising our consciousness so we can reverse the negative control over society and restore true freedom...but where are you personally responsible? 

Do you have repetitive patterns or ways of being that have stunted your personal/spiritual growth? (such as undermining yourself)

Do you feel called to use more of your intuition so you can assist yourself and others in uniquely helpful ways? (but aren’t sure how to do that)

Do you wonder if you're on your highest path? (or would another timeline serve you better?)

Do you have inconsistency manifesting?

Do you feel lonely and disconnected?  

“...This is why thousands of visionaries and thought leaders across the planet find me. So they can regain this powerful and mysterious skill of reading the Akashic Records and download superconscious intelligence to solve the challenges of modern life with peace, confidence, and inspiration. “ ~Emily


Come study with the Masters in Sedona, AZ, where the sheer magnetic power of the land will assist you in reaching paramount states of consciousness. Benefits to reading the Akashic Records:

Every decision you make is made in extreme confidence that you are moving in the right direction and you can easily execute your life’s mission.

You embody radical self awareness and break the patterns of playing small.

Access the highest levels of creativity and wisdom at a moment’s notice, that allow for instant healing and manifestation

Welcome to ARI ~ Sedona, (Akashic Records Immersion) where Visionaries and Quantum Thought Leaders can immerse in an environment that allows effortless access to Superconscious Intelligence so you can:


Heal yourself of oppressive belief patterns


Learn to channel Divine wisdom to guide you in decision making 



Open access to new, creative ideas, that when you take action on, lead to the unfolding of your greatest genius


More benefits of reading the Akashic Records and embodying your full genius:

  • No more waiting for answers to your deepest life questions, they are instantly available 
  • Radical self confidence by discovering your true quantum power and understating your soul’s mission on the planet.
  • Channel healing energy from the Akashic Records to clear your karma, heal all areas of “dis-ease”, and co-create the best possible future for yourself and others
  • Identify and CLEAR oppressive belief systems from your DNA (often ancestral)
  • Experience deep and transformative self-love (which is the gateway to higher realms of bliss)
  • Understand your life mission and open access to your highest potential
  • Unlock new energetic skills such as healing, channeling, telepathy, telekinesis, remote viewing, bi-location, etc.
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Meet Your Master Facilitators

After becoming a certified Akashic Records practitioner in 2015, Emily’s life shifted dramatically. Leaving behind a career in Hollywood, Emily created a healing business that includes teaching, speaking, and mentoring others to manage their personal energy and advance their intuition to heal their bodies and minds, and unlock access to Infinite Intelligence. Emily is the Founder/Director of The Akashic Academy, a modern day mystery school, dedicated to sharing knowledge that is empowering the planet to resource superconscious intelligence from within.  After being featured on CBS, NBC, HBO, Lifetime, Netflix, The Huffington Post, Thrive, and many more platforms of influence, Emily is now available to you for an in person experience with you. Don’t miss your opportunity for profound spiritual advancement, available nowhere else on the planet.

Bill Homann’s Martial arts training developing  both the required  spiritual and mental discipline makes him the ideal Caretaker for the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull™️.  Following the  Caretaker Legacy, Bill has steadfastly succeeded in carrying out the wishes of  F. A. Mitchell-Hedges and (Bill’s  Mentor) Anna Mitchell-Hedges,  continuing  Anna’s wish for the  Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull ™️ to be  accessible to all. Bill explains the message of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull™️  is to come together  as “ One Mind”, (a term given in a direct message from the Skull) to release our small mind egos and work together to support one another…because we are ALL ONE, connected through the Spirit of Universal Love. The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull™️ offers the belief that crystal skulls are here to elevate those  willing to grow through connecting into our HigherSelves

Meet Rahelio Rodriguiez, Native Toltec Edler. With over 33 years of experience in Sedona, Rahelio will be your mystic guide into the sacred  vortexes, and lead you in a profound and mystic sweat lodge ceremony. Rahelio has combined wisdom teachings from both eastern Yogic traditions, Taoist wisdom, Christian mysticism and Native American shamanism. He was especially drawn to the teachings of Toltec wisdom coming from Mexico, and to the practice of Kriya yoga through Babaji's lineage.  Rahelio also has extensive knowledge of western astrology and merges these perspectives into the teachings of the Medicine Wheel as taught to him by Sun Bear. One of the most sought after guides and healers in Sedona, Rahelio has been part of many documentaries and feature films highlighting his work. 


Are any of these common challenges for Visionaries affecting you?

Does your intuition work like it’s supposed to? Reliably leading you to perfect solutions and opportunities on demand, or are you still crippled with self doubt that blocks your access?

Are the EMF’s that surround you inhitibing your ability to access intelligence from the Akashic field so you can heal your body and mind? Are the EMF’s draining your chi (life force energy) and affecting your ability to create your dream life?

Healed their bodies of debilitating disease that interrupted a high quality of life

Are you distracted by the news? Coronavirus? FEAR PROGRAMMING that traps your mind and attention? What do you think this is creating in your life?

Are you at a crossroad? Realizing you’re writing your story in the NOW moment and struggling to know the right next step?

Are you lying to yourself? Telling yourself that you’ll get where you want to be in life, eventually, without doing something out of the ordinary? If nothing changes in your inner world, what do you expect to change in your outer world?

Do something extraordinary

ARI ~ Sedona is limited to 7 powerful and chosen Souls, who are ready to challenge the status quo and shift culture on a global scale.

Entering these vortexes radically amplifies your ability to access your Akashic Records. You will work with the land to activate a new Golden Age on our planet. One where you thrive in abundance, freedom, and harmony, possessing great understanding of your innate wisdom and advanced spiritual technologies.

This is for you if you’re here to create:

  • New medicine
  • New technology
  • New education
  • New paradigms for relationships
  • Inspired thriving communities

During Ari ~ Sedona, you will experience:

  • Daily immersion with your Akashic Records without EMF interference so your nervous system can recalibrate
  • Immersion with modern masters, training under their methods to quicken enlightenment, speed up healing, and enhance psychic vision
  • Receive powerful downloads from superconscious intelligence allowing you to understand energetic “causes” of all situations and opening the opportunity to change them
  • Learn ways to manage your own internal energy in undesired situations so you can maintain your power and ability to create on purpose
  • Deep soul healing and ancestral purification in the vortexes of Sedona so you can feel more self love and Universal support on your mission
  • Enlightened diet and breathwork to enhance your Chi energy
  • Sacred community of Quantum Visionaries who will witness and hold you in your highest potential, helping to consecrate this reality
  • AND, 1-on-1 life changing experience with the most mysterious artifact on the planet, the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull.

After A.R.I. Sedona you’ll have quantum tools to:

  • Stop negative karma before it disrupts your life
  • Restore health with an array of energy protocols
  • Channel Divine wisdom to guide you in decision making
  • Open access to new, creative ideas
  • Manifest your desires with more consistency and ease

A.R.I. ~ Sedona includes:

  • 4 days advanced metaphysical training with master level practitioners (Emily Harrison, Akashic Records, Bill Homann, Karate Grand Master and Skull Keeper, Rahelio Rodriguez, Toltec Ancestor and Wisdom Keeper, plus Akashic Records Practitioners, Tanya Fuller, Cat Bendure, Annette Hemmminger) ~$14,000 value
  • Advanced training within your Akashic Records to clear karma and uncover your genius~$4500
  • VIP guided immersion into vortexes of Sedona + optional sweatlodge ~$450 value
  • Nightly organic cuisine created by local Master Chef to support maximum absorption and digestion of your spiritual experience, VEGAN and special accommodations are possible!!! (daily snacks and nightly dinners served on location) ~$350 value
  • Advanced Activations within the Akashic Records from multiple ancient starseed and terrestrial lineages ~$$$ priceless
  • Engage in deep soul purification resetting biological and neurological systems~$$$ priceless
  • Private Healing/Activation Session with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull ~$$$ priceless


  • Travel and lodging
  • Breakfast and Lunch


Investment: $5500

Option 1: Paid in Full $5500 USD (save $500)

Option 2: Payment Plan 3 payments of $2000 USD
Payment 1 to hold your spot $2000, due now
Payment 2 TBD
Payment 3 TBD


Emily speaking
Behind every great leader is a great advisor. Emily has been invited to speak on the most preistages platforms in America, including Harvard University and Columbia University, as the world is now fully recognizing the human potential movement and what is possible when you learn to access higher realms of consciousness.

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