Welcome Visionaries, Healers, and Thought Leaders! I’m Emily Harrison and thrilled you are here.

The content on this website is created to help you discover the unseen elements you've been missing, that will allow you to use your most powerful human gift. Your Intuition. I’m excited for you to unlock this magical skill, and learn to use it as a reliable source of information that will allow you to make the most powerful and confident decisions for your life.
I’m excited for you to learn how to turn on your ability to self heal and access the most profound levels of creativity so you can create the life you desire.


First, try checking out the video 'What Are the Akashic Records and What is Possible When You Access Them?'

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Learn How Visionaries Ignite Revolutions
Visionaries inspire global change by first, finding inner revolution. The questions in this document will compel you to know yourself in a new way and may be the key to re-writing the codes of humanity... 

Curious about how to receive messages in the Akashic Records? This FREE TRAINING will teach you how to strengthen your intuitive abilities so you can get clear information. 

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After you have completed the course, you will want more information and tools to help you implement what you have learned.  Guess what?  There is a lot more information -- for FREE -- on my website.  Check out the FREE RESOURCES tab!

Over the years, I have shared powerful knowledge and tips with platforms such as The Huffington Post, Thrive, and Medium.  Some of the articles contain specific instructional information for understanding your intuition. Other articles deal with matters of day-to-day living, getting through tough times, and my personal experience using the Akashic Records to help my family.   You can access all of my articles on my Blog

Connect to Community and Learn to Master Your Intuitive Skills

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The Akashic Academy Membership Program provides the daily, weekly, and monthly support you need to shift your reality and fall in love with your life. Members get access to the Akashic Library, a training archive with dozens of videos that will teach you how to manage your internal energy and step into your psychic mastery. Each month members are invited to join Emily for a new and exclusive spiritual training, along with daily keycode questions, designed to open portals of possibility in your life.


You may be ready to dive deep. Ready to clear the karma that’s been holding you back. Ready to stop playing small and learn how you can challenge the status quo, shift global culture, and become a world game changer.

If this is YOU, there paths available to you with me as your master trainer.

Option 1: 60 day 1/1 Akashic Recalibration

  • Do you have old patterns and ways of being that aren't serving you?
  • Do you feel you have karma that is holding you back?
  • Do you desire crystal clear messages from Source?
  • Are you excited to discover more of your multidimensional skills and abilities?
  • Do you want to feel sure you are on the highest path?
  • Do you have your questions about life that you need answered?

You are Divinely designed to heal, manifest, and create with ease and abundance. Your Akashic Records contain your Divine energetic blueprint, the informational record of your most perfect potential.

Akashic Recalibration will release your negative karma and return your energy frequency to that of its highest design. If you are done being an outsider in your own life, consider a total energetic reset and re-align with your highest trajectory.


Option 2: Learn to Read the Akashic Records

Visionaries and Healers who want to challenge the status quo and become global game changers by using your unique genius, imagine your life with unlimited access to infinite intelligence. What could you finally heal? What would you finally create? Imagine your light shining so bright that your influence is forever expanding!

In this course your will discover:

  • Radical self love and enjoy a life of bliss
  • How to embody your true genius so you can impact others in a massive way
  • How to activate your DNA and unlock your ability to heal and manifest anything you desire
  • How to get crystal clear downloads at will, no more waiting for them to drop in
  • Deep trust in yourself, making confident decisions that lead to your most desired future
  • How to unlock the highest levels of creative inspiration to create infinite new content
  • An opportunity to become a certified practitioner of the Akashic Records

There are 2 options for this program, Self Study or the VIP Upgrade, where you will be welcomed into my group mastermind AND have 1/1 time with me each week. 


Option 3: 1 Year VIP Akashic Mentorship

The Akashic Accelerator Mastermind Program is a 12 month immersion into your Akashic Records to uncover and reverse engineer your highest timeline. 

This program offers:

  • Opportunity for travel into planetary vortexes for advanced activation, healing, and personal alchemy, 
  • Weekly group mastermind coaching, 
  • Individual accountability and guidance with Emily
  • Advanced level certification 
  • Benefits to this advanced mastermind:
  • Complete personal creation of your life and daily schedule
  • 6 figure business training
  • Inspired daily routine>


The purpose of this Mastermind is to clarify your ultimate dream life, then accelerate your emergence in that timeline by harnessing powerful cosmic assistance through your Akashic Records. Prepare to experience your wildest dreams coming true. Schedule an interview with Emily to determine if you are a right fit for this program.


Questions?  We are here to help! Write to us at info@theakashicacademy.com

Last, but not least... 

Your success, your happiness, and unleashing your unique genius are my top priorities as your mentor. You are part of a magical time of awakening and re-writing culture, here on the planet. Society needs your unique genius to help the collective heal and become fully self-expressed, empowered, and prosperous. 

I am honored to be a part of your journey and I can't wait to meet you!

Love and light,


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