The Akashic Academy

What would you do with MORE?

  More intelligence - explode your ability to download instantaneous wisdom

  More creativity - enhance your cleverness, ingenuity, and resourcefulness

  More influence - master your command of “the field” so you can manifest with ease

Discover the secret key to unlocking your most profound genius, even if:

  You don’t meditate everyday

  You don’t consider yourself psychic

  You don’t trust your intuition

You can still learn how to tap into Universal Intelligence and download any information, instantly.

Want the secret advantage that allows Visionaries, Thought Leaders, and intuitive thinkers to instantly access the highest realms intelligence?

The Akashic Records are the realm of infinite intelligence, where all information, past, present, future, is stored.

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The Akashic Academy with Emily Harrison


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The Akashic Record is a storehouse of all intelligence in the Universe, past, present, and future. Learning to access the Record enables you to instantly download any and all information your Soul needs to make radical life changes, to understand and shift emotional/ physical disease, and tap into superior realms of creativity so you can become a Master in your field.

Intuitive Psychic Training

FREE Training: 

How to Increase your Psychic Abilities

In this training I will take you into your Akashic Records where you’ll experience a very high level of your own consciousness.

Akashic Scrolls - Learn How Visionaries Ignite Revolutions

Visionaries inspire global change by first, finding inner revolution. The questions in this document will compel you to know yourself in a new way and may be the key to re-writing the codes of humanity...

akashic scrolls
"I had the pleasure of listening to Emily Harrison when she spoke at Harvard University. Her energy was electric and she had the crowd on their feet at the end."

- Tim Alyson, Business Mogul, Founder of Screw the NaySayers

How can working with the Akashic Records change my life?

The Records area powerful tool of transformation and awakening. These are some of the benefits experienced by members of The Akashic Academy:


  Access the highest realms of creativity

  Balance logic with profound intuition to unleash your highest genius

  Banish self-doubt and make confident, powerful, life decisions that save you time and resources

  Stop patterns of self-sabotage by clearing karmic cycles and achieving unparalleled breakthroughs

  Reprogram your subconscious mind to support dynamic success

  Understand your unique genius and clarify your role in society

  Find inner peace and generate personal power through radical self-acceptance

  Open your access to infinite intelligence and get downloads at will

  Access your highest creativity and maximum inspiration

  Heal emotional and physical dis-ease for yourself and others

  Gain confidence in your psychic abilities

  Experience deeper connection to yourself, friends, and family

  Feel more joy, peace, and abundance

  Master the Intuitive Mind, bringing balance to the logical mind where genius is accessed

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The Akashic Records are constantly revealing new insights that will help you make the most powerful decisions for yourself, your family and to further your mission here on the planet.

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