Virtual Akashic Records Immersion Retreat

Have you unknowingly given away your power and ability to influence the matrix?

Do you want to discover what you’ve overlooked that’s holding you back?

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” Jim Rohn, motivational speaker.

When it comes to relationships, you are vastly influenced by the people around you.

If you are a Visionary or Healer who’s ready to creativity download your next “big thing” (book, movie, speech, project, healing business, or new medicine) and radically expand your influence, but you feel held back by people around you, this Masterclass will change everything.

Is there a relationship from your past that needs resolution so you can move forward? Do you need healing from the left over trauma? Do you need answers why?

You’re ready to see the truth about why the people around you are contributing to you playing small. You’re ready to evolve those relationships WITHOUT torching them, a powerful spiritual initiation that leads to the success and influence you’re seeking.

WARNING: Be ready to take responsibility for your part or nothing I teach you will work. No victims allowed, only souls who are ready to claim their quantum power and use it to shift culture on the planet. Only those who know they are meant for more but can’t reach their full potential until you understand how to surround yourself with the right connections that feed your Soul.

During this training you’ll discover:

What Soul Contracts are and why understanding them holds the keys to your life success and happiness.

Why you’ve subconsciously given away your power so you can take it back without hurting those around you
How to use the Akashic Records to access Soul level insight so you can finally understand the profound life lessons that you’ve agreed to, designed to help you, not hinder you
The missing puzzle pieces to tapping your most profound power and regain influence over your life
How to rewrite the Soul Contracts that are most important to you so can experience deep meaningful relationships that support your life goals
How to download intelligence directly from your Akashic Records that will clearly define your truest purpose and mission
The next steps you need to take to step into a new timeline of success where you use your unique skills to change the planet

After the first session, you’ll never look at your relationships the same. By the last session you’ll have a map to your highest and most fulfilling timeline, by rewriting your Soul contracts to be ones of love, compassion, forgiveness and success.

In this training you will get:

  •   Over 12 hours of brand new content created by acclaimed Akashic Records Mentor, Emily Harrison
  •  Access to a private Facebook community for support and bonus materials
  •  Replay access to review content at your convenience
  •   BONUS: Live pre-training with Emily to deepen your access to the Akashic Records and prepare you for a life changing experience
  •   FIRST 10 to register will receive a bonus gift box from Emily (mailed to your address prior to the event)

Love From Happy Clients and Students

Amplified Influence

"Working wiith Emily in the Akashic Records has helped me reach 5 figure moths, while doing what I love and making a positive difference in the world."

Kara Melendy

Graduate of The Akashic Academy

Laser Focus

"Emily has opened me up to my true self. My calling has never been more clear and prevelant."

Laura Moreno

Graduate of The Akashic Academy

Activate Self-Healing

"I cured my life long disease to sun exposure, I know the time has come where this disease is no longer a part of my path."

Cindy Kuhlman

Graduate of The Akashic Academy

Expanded Impact

"Introducing my clients to the Akashic Records has provided them with infinite access to creative power. "

Laura Mazzotta

Graduate of The Akashic Academy

Virtual Retreat Sedona 2020
(September 28 - October 2)


$ 599

And receive a bonus 1 month membership
to the Akashic Academy ($97 Value)


$ 100

$100 deposit now to hold your spot,
$499 balance due by September 27th

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