Complete Beginner's Akashic Records Training only $333!

Ready to ALIGN? When you learn to read the Akashic Records you align with superconscious intelligence and open your access to infinite possibility.

In this training you will:

To previously unseen solutions
To your life purpose and unique genius
To your radical creativity and imagination
To super-abundance
akashic scrolls

If you are a Visionary or Quantum Thought Leader and suffer from:

  •   Losing connection to the wisest aspects of yourself
  •   Losing patience waiting for your intentions to manifest
  •   Recurring karma in the form of dis-ease in your health, wealth, relationships or business
  •   Self doubt in making powerful decisions
  •   Lack of trust in the visions or messages you’re receiving because they don’t seem logical
  •   Feeling stuck in your personal growth

When you ALIGN to superconscious intelligence through your Akashic Records:

  •  Your ideas manifest quickly and easily
  •  You’re constantly thinking new and inspiring thoughts
  •  Your internal vibration is calm and wise, giving you outstanding leadership qualities
  •   People respect you and experience deep personal impact from your genius
  •   You flow effortlessly between your roles as leader, parent, student, child, human, and superhuman
  •   You stay attuned to a vibration of bliss, which you get to experience in every moment
  •   Abundance is everywhere, in your creative thoughts, relationships, health, and finances
akashic scrolls

Resources and Bonuses, gifted to you during ALIGN:

  •  Printable Progress Journal (my students use these to write their books and courses!!)
  • Printable Textbook / Workbook
  •  Emily’s Personal Activation playlist (this is seriously the BEST; one of my SECRET WEAPONS)
  •   A secret resource previous only shared with Emily’s clients (the pdf that unravels EVERYTHING

WARNING: Doing this work will cause your consciousness to increase very quickly, meaning you’ll be required to take full responsibility for everything you experience in your life. This process will connect your mind to the superconscious mind in minutes, regardless if you’re a regular meditator or not; regardless whether you consider yourself intuitive or not. If you are NOT currently inviting quantum transformation into your life, DO NOT enroll in this program.

About Emily Harrison

I am a certified Akashic Records practitioner. I have also earned an advanced certification pertaining to past life and ancestral clearings, as well as a separate, advanced certification which invokes powerful healing from the Records.

As an Akashic Records practitioner, I open your specific records, and together, we bring questions about your life issues. 

~ Emily Harrison, Founder and Director of the Akashic Academy

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