What are the Akashic Records?

  The Akashic Records are an energetic field of data holding all information, past, present, and all possible futures.

  Every person, place, and thing has an Akashic Record.

  Akashic is Sanskrit for "ether". Ether is primordial energy.

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If you desire unprecedented clarity, laser focus, and unwavering peace of mind while leading change...

Who do the Akashic Records most benefit?

The Akashic Records most benefit those with a growth mindset who are seeking rapid enlightenment, positive change, and untapped genius.

You need ongoing, meaningful cultivation of new tools, finely tuned intuitive skills, and innovative practice.

What becomes possible when I learn to access them?

Instantly download quantum information

Personally heal yourself of emotional and physical dis-ease

Identify and remove oppressive belief systems

Experience deep and transformative self-love

Clear ancestral energy patterns no longer serving you or the collective

Understand your life mission and open access to your highest potential

Access quantum level creativity

Unlock skills of higher level consciousness such as alchemy, quantum leaping, and reverse engineering all advanced technology and solutions for the betterment of humanity.

Emily Harrison on Entrepreneur Magazine

Being relentless in your pursuit of greatness, it’s easy to neglect your state of being, over your state of doing. You need personal wellbeing, balance, and presence to lead those who shrink in the face of change.

How do I learn to read my own Akashic Records?

Emily’s unique method used to enter the field of the Akash and to extract the highest level of information possible, is something every human can do. This precise combination of breath work, visualization, relaxation, and imaginative inquiry will unlock answers to your life’s most burning questions, conflicts, and areas of perceived block.

Check out Emily's self-study, ALIGN - Learn to Read The Akashic Records, and learn how you can access super-conscious intelligence.

Emily Harrison on Entrepreneur Magazine

About Emily Harrison, Founder of The Akashic Academy

After becoming a certified Akashic Records practitioner in 2015, Emily’s life shifted dramatically. Leaving behind a career in Hollywood, Emily created a healing business that includes teaching, speaking, and mentoring others to master their personal energy, activate profound intuition to heal their bodies, and unlock access to Infinite Intelligence to usher in templates for the New Earth.

Emily works with Visionaries, Thought Leaders, and Difference Makers who are ready to challenge the status quo and become global game changers. Emily is the Founder/Director of The Akashic Academy, a modern day mystery school, dedicated to sharing knowledge that is changing the planet.

What are the Akashic Records

“I had the pleasure of listening to Emily Harrison when she spoke at Harvard. Her energy was electric and she had the crowd on their feet at the end.”

~Tim Alison, Business Mogul, Founder of Screw the Naysayers Podcast"

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The Akashic Records are constantly revealing new insights that will help you make the most powerful decisions for yourself, your family and to further your mission here on the planet.

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