Mentoring with Emily and In Person Retreats:

Akashic Records Activation
(4 week package) - $1, 675 USD

This 4 week Akashic Records package includes

  • One (1) pre-session Akashic evaluation to determine what personal challenges you wish to overcome and clearly define what your personal goals are for your sessions in the Akashic Records
  • Two (2) 60 min recorded sessions with Emily, (two weeks apart) in your Akashic Records. In these sessions you may ask any questions you wish and Emily will channel the answers from your Akashic Records
  • Applicable homework and accountability exercises between sessions to help you integrate the new frequencies you will receive in you Akashic Records

Who is this for? The person who benefits the most from this program is someone who wants a deep experience in their Akashic Records to remove debilitating karmic blocks and wants to return a sense of inspiration and vitality for life.

Akashic Protege
(4 month mentorship with Emily) - $20,000 USD

Email to inquire about this 4 month Akashic Records mentorship.

Akashic Academy Vortex Immersion Retreats

Long ago ancient mystics would gather together in powerful vortexes, secretly teaching each other spiritual praactices to unlock intuitive and healing gifts, leaving behind templates encoded in the land. You can enter into these ancient rituals and awaken the secrets codes of alchemy. These interdimensional portals allow sincere seekers the opening for deep purification, insights, and transdimensional experiences. The electromagnetic field carried through the Earth’s ley lines, is magnified in the vortexes points, allowing you to easily enter higher states of consciousness where the Masters can easily assist you in receiving Divine insight and action planning. 

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If you’re NOT using your intuition to its max capacity & this is blocking your next level of success, your Akashic Records can reveal where your major blocks are, and how to remove them so you can ​​recalibrate to:

  • super abundance
  • magnified creativity
  • effortless receptivity
  • a sublime state of flow

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The Akashic Records are constantly revealing new insights that will help you make the most powerful decisions for yourself, your family and to further your mission here on the planet.

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