A Soul - Conscious Collaboration To Upgrade Freedom

You may have heard of the term “lightworker” and may even be curious if you fit into this group of people. The core calling of a lightworker is to be of service to humanity. One of the ways to understand if you are one of these unique souls is to evaluate if you desire to help others.

Lightworkers are on the rise and momentum for global spiritual awakening is peaking. Each individual lightworker has a different calling and soul mission. What they all have in common is they are affecting
the collective consciousness. We are experiencing a shared re-awakening of the human spirit. This divine awakening is jump-starting a worldwide remembrance of our multidimensional capabilities.

Being human means, we are multidimensional. We are material beings sharing our DNA with the Earth and still occupy a spirit and soul. If you have remembered a dream or had a “gut feeling” this is a
multidimensional experience. The whole-self filters through our senses, emotions, thoughts, feelings, and spiritual encounters. Our energy field allows us to perceive our inter-dimensional environment. It takes practice to exercise these energetic muscles. When we do, we receive the sacred inspiration to embody our life-purpose.

Understanding our dimensional natures can uncover the opportunities we have in life. We must first begin with an understanding of how a conscious choice reveals our power. We can change our thoughts and emotions, revealing we expand into infinite possibility. Living intentionally triggers happenstances and synchronizations in the universe; creating events for the individual to evolve. We have the ability to initiate our own experience of freedom realizing higher states of consciousness. Some of the ways to do this are by engaging in purifying practices such as meditation, yoga, movement, and mindfulness techniques. When we accept our innate strengths at the energetic level we create a ripple effect. Our energy opens up for more information, life-force, and guidance from our higher-self.

What is alluring about lightworkers is these people naturally radiate a high frequency. They are people who can also identify as being an empath, intuitive, old-soul, or spiritual teacher. Have you ever met a person and you are instantly refreshed, inspired, and motivated to accomplish your goals? Whether it be conscious or not, lightworkers infuse people with love, positivity, and divine connection.

Because these people comprehend unity-consciousness they are the conduit for mass awakening. Lightworkers provide examples for the self and our communities to evolve. They live with intention and
acknowledgment for the whole. These bright minds possess a desire to tend to the collective heartspace. The lightworker provides gateways for us to realize our individual and collective capabilities.

It is not uncommon for lightworkers to undergo an awakening process. This assists in birthing their soul mission and gaining the wisdom of how to help others. Their life path supports transformation and
facilitates the soul to emerge. When the soul is present it creates a domino effect at the quantum level. Spiritual awakening occurs for others and inspiration to restore balance becomes a priority. This is how
they are affecting the collective consciousness. This is multidimensional freedom; the breakthrough for the soul becoming a conscious creator.

Lightworkers are the people who continue to evolve in all areas of their life and help others to do the same. They are path-pavers who construct avenues for new standards of wellbeing. With unvarnished
love, they hold sacred space for us all to make it safe to rise up together. This subtle yet powerful process breaches multidimensional freedom.

The surfacing of the lightworker is global and the emerging continues! 

A supernatural worldwide change is occurring, and if we all check within our hearts we sense it. We may not always have the words for ‘what’ it is, but for certain, freedom is the focal point. Each lightworker
bridges the gap for multidimensional awakening. Their luminous presence assists us to understand our omnipresence. Lightworkers are teaching us to unify the material and spiritual dimensions. These people
are creating a dynamic change for eye-opening realization. Forging a wonderful opportunity for us to open up to our truths, evolve, and empower one another. Lightworkers are also collaborating and gravitating to one another to expose a world of beauty and possibility.

As the vibrations on the planet continue to shift, lightwork teaches us about our new normal and its relationship to our future. These souls are here to establish multidimensional freedom for every living

Are you a lightworker? Never before has there been a time on Earth for your soul-objectives to be delivered and received. Your gifts are necessary, valuable, and requested. Rise-up.

This article was originally featured in The Akashic Magazine. You can subscribe to The Akashic Magazine to get all the articles in high-quality color PDF format totally free at: https://theakashicacademy.com/magazine

Kierra King

Founder, Womb Code Ltd
Psychic Spiritual Life Coach & Multidimensional Energy Worker

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