Confessions of a “Non-Channeler”

Channeling seems to be the new ‘trendy’ thing in Spirituality today. On our path of Awakening, each one of us carries/remembers/ embraces ‘gifts’ to deepen our connection with the Universe/Divine/ Source. These gifts come in all different packages. Some people do readings. Some people pull cards. Some people lead meditation. Some people do energy healing. Some people speak Light language. Some people do a little bit of everything. The latest thing to rise to the surface in this wave of Awakening is Channeling.

What is Channeling exactly? The Ascension Glossary defines Channeling as ‘ the reception of thought from the spirit world for the purpose of communicating with spirits (non-corporeal entities, spirits of the deceased, or nature spirits) and angels.’

When most of us think about Channeling, we think of the person who closes their eyes and goes into a full trance, not aware of what is being said by the entity/spirit that speaks through them. Often times, they will speak in a different speech pattern or accent. Sometimes they will present as teachers, Saints or Angels that are already known in the Spiritual community, ie. St Germaine, ArchAngel Michael, Yeshua.  Some will come through as ‘Extraterrestrial races,’ ie. Pleiadians, Arcturians, Lyrians. Some will come through as the personal Spirit guides of the Channeler. There are also Conscious Channelers, who are more aware during the session, eyes open, and able to address questions directly with emembrance after the session. As well as Mediums, who communicate with those who have transitioned.

 As we walk the path of our Awakening, our human side tends to compare our progress against the progress of others. Our human side tends to look at what we are doing and say ‘Why don't I see more? Why don't I hear more? Why am I not channeling? Why don't I have a spirit guide, alien or ‘celebrity spirit’ that talks through me?’ We judge where we are in our journey, based on what we see those around us doing.

I currently consider myself a ‘non-Channeler’ even though I know that the concepts and energy that I speak of during my show is not ‘of me’ but rather comes ‘through me.’ I use my voice to share the information that ‘they’ want me to speak of. I don’t think of it as Channeling, though others have told me it is, I do, and I am. And yet, I've never allowed myself to claim the title of Channeler, psychic or medium. Rather, I stayed safe in the term ‘empath.’ As I walk the path of my own Awakening, These are the types of self-realizations that I am grateful for, leading me deeper into the spiral of my heart and my unhealed places. Perhaps, I shy away from the titles because of the expectation that creates in myself and others. I'm sure part of it is recognizing my own worth within this Awakening. I am constantly paying attention to these clues to my own expansion!

It can be a blow to our self-worth to see our peers and mentors expanding and not see ourselves progressing in that same way. We, as humans, have a perfectly normal tendency to judge and compare our progress, based on the people around us. We will constantly ask the question ‘Why can't I do that, too?’ We may assume that because we can't Channel, we must be blocked somehow. We worry we’re not doing something right. We may think ‘There must be something wrong with the way that I am practicing my spirituality.’

Let me reassure you, don’t worry. You are doing nothing wrong in your practice of spirituality! Whatever you are doing, whether or not it conforms with what you see around you, is just fine. If it feels right for you, then it IS right for you IN THIS MOMENT.

Even if it is serving your fear.

Even if it is serving your lack.

Even if it is serving your ego.

Even if it is serving that place in you that was formed from pain and trauma.

Even sitting in that obstruction is an opportunity for you to allow, to embrace, to receive, to listen, to sit still...

 Sometimes our ‘blockages’ are there, literally, so we WILL stop and pay attention. Sometimes the ‘blockages’ mean we need to pay attention to ourselves and the Divine connection within ourselves, instead of seeking the external knowledge. It may seem that knowledge is raining down all around, but not a drop touches us. Nothing is soaking in. Recognize, there may be something that needs to be addressed before that happens. There could be something within you that needs some loving attention before that next gift is revealed.

Let’s take this in another Direction. I also fully believe that anything that you create from nothing is a form of Channeling. Anything that didn’t exist prior to you bringing it to life, is a form of Channeling. Art is a form of Channeling. Music is a form of Channeling. Cooking is a form of Channeling. Love is a form of Channeling.

Each of us is uniquely suited to facilitate our own Awakening. Each of us is being individually prepared

for our purpose. Accept the journey as it unfolds. Open your heart and mind to renewal and transformation. And from one ‘Non Channeler’ to another, you are in exactly the right place and exactly the right time...

Love yourself Unconditionally and it will all be as it should.

Be well.

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Li Cara

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