How to Channel For Guidance and Manifestation

How would you like to use the power of the universe to guide you? The ability to channel is a gift that we all possess. Whether you feel spirit “take over” to communicate, or it’s another form of hearing, seeing, knowing, it’s all guidance, and you can all tap into this energetic ability to help you manifest faster and more succinctly what you want.

Don’t ignore that little voice or that image that pops into your mind. Pay attention to the way you receive your guidance and messages. There are many ways to receive it, so it just depends on your frequency and vibration that determines your clearest path to access the information.

Before I realized what was happening to me, I used to speak things with a certain level of knowing. I just knew the answers, and I knew how to deliver them with certainty and clarity when people would come to me with their problems. I didn’t understand what was really happening. I just thought, doesn’t everyone think like this? The answer was no, they don’t.

It wasn’t until I was so unhappy and depressed that I almost took my life, and I was saved by a voice screaming in my ear that night that I realized this power. That awakening led to my declaration to live an extraordinary life and my quest for knowledge on my path to self-love, personal development, spiritual awakening, and all the “magic” began happening.

Once I opened my mind and my heart to receiving help from above and I surrendered to it, my gifts got dialed way up! I even have the ability to see spirit now, which I had never been able to do before. I was half asleep and vibrating low. Now, I’m wide awake and vibrating high. I use channeling every day for myself and for my clients, and I’m teaching others how to do it for themselves.

Here are three ways to amp up your channeling capabilities TODAY:

1. Meditation:

Clear channeling happened for me when I began a steady, consistent meditation practice. You must meditate. Set an alarm if necessary, but please commit to it. Sit in quiet meditation for 15-20 minutes every day in a quiet space where you’ll be uninterrupted. Meditating will help you stay in a higher vibrational state for longer periods of time each day. When you’re vibrating higher, it’s easier to receive. Tune in to the frequency of source so you can see, hear, and feel the guidance.


Close your eyes and take a few, deep cleansing breaths. Focus on the area you want help with, but be sure to focus on the DESIRED OUTCOME...NOT the problem. Think about the question(s) you have and ask them aloud. Relax and pay attention to what happens next. Do you feel the air in the room get cooler? Do you see images in your mind? Do you hear that little voice in your head speaking to you? Observe what is happening. When you start to get something, stick with it...don’t question it. Do your best not to ask yourself Is this real? Am I imagining this? Don’t create doubt because you’ll lower your vibration and move the energy away from you. Stay with it so you can continue to receive even more! Don’t force it; just allow it to come.

3. Journaling:

Wayne Dyer handwrote every one of his books. He used the power of the universe to guide his hand on the paper and channeled every word he ever wrote. Pen-in-hand on a piece of paper is an amazing way to channel! Your guides will move the energy and thoughts from your heart and mind through your hand and onto the paper. If journaling is new to you, don’t fret over it. There are no wrong words. Like with your meditation practice, give yourself a good 15-20 minute window of time for writing. Magic happens! All of a sudden, your downloads will become words on the paper...what you want, why you want it, what it looks like. Be sure to write down your desired FEELINGS and keep the focus on what you want, not what you have if what you have is not what you want.

It’s simple, really. But, it takes commitment. Just like your commitment to go to the gym to have a healthier, stronger body, your commitment to your connection with source will gift you with a stronger ability to channel. The more consistent you are, the greater your guidance will be. You’ll learn to trust yourself more and more the better you get at it.

And, the more you do this, the more fun, playful, and creative ways your guides and your higher self will use to be there with just the right answers for you! Enjoy the journey!


Mantra: I HAVE TODAY the Powerful Channeler I came here to be!


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