How to Clear Ancestral Karma    

   7 Things You Need to Know

WARNING: Lots of bad words in this list. Sorry, Mom. It felt like a good end of decade release....bad words also make me laugh, which brings a certain lightness of “doing” to this heavy shit, if you know what I mean. 

#1. KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DEALING WITH! The concept of this kind of self-fuckery running seven generations deep is all over our spiritual literature. If you don’t do something about your ancestral karma, people you love are going to suffer, unnecessarily, for a long time. Why perpetuate this when we can speed-dial healing for our future ancestors? 

#2. ASK FOR HELP! If you suspect that ancestral karma is affecting you, reach out to me or someone you trust to help you see your blind-spots. This will make your work more precise and effective, saving you time. And we’ve already agreed that if this shit has been passed down from generation to generation, it’s time for it to go. 

#3. GET THE LESSON! Karma simply means you haven’t learned some needed big-ass life lesson. For me, the truth and embodiment of knowing the Universe is on my side and always conspiring for my good, was a lesson I needed to learn! Now that I understood what the rejection was here to teach me, I could release the pattern. But not until I was willing to receive this truth, would I be able to move forward, fully embodying my destiny. So make sure you get the lesson!!!!! (Which can be done with this keycode question in a meditative state: While contemplating your specific issue, ask, “What am I ready to understand and learn that is in my highest good?” *remember this technique makes use of a crystalline technology that doesn’t necessarily answer questions in the way you are used to. Trust the timing at which the answers unfold in your awareness.) 

#4. BE SURE TO DO A COMPLETE JOB ON #3. Otherwise you’ll keep banging your pretty, almost-enlightened head on the wall. Which isn’t really solid, it’s just energy. You’ll recover fast, don’t worry, but you will also add a helping of frustration to your clearing agenda, and we don’t want that. So, do a second round of asking if there is anything else you need to know. This step may take a rinse and repeat or two. It’s okay. Also why it’s good to do #2 and ask a professional you trust for support. Make sure you get everything.

#5. ASK HOW TO HEAL THE INJURY. Your physical body will store an imprint of trauma and replicate it as your cells reproduce—until you shut off that process. This is where our ability to self-heal is paramount. TIP: You can ask to be shown what’s the easiest way for you to heal this, and act on whatever comes in for you. This is a powerful step to not only shut down the shit that isn’t helping you, but also by practicing self-healing, you are TURNING ON your ability to do that more and more! Double-win. 

#6. CEREMONY & RITUAL. One thing our ancestors were far better at than we are today is ceremony. It doesn’t really matter how you go about creating one, remember I created one simply by sitting in sacred-circle with my mom and aunts, giving space for our memories and pain to be heard, then lovingly laying them to rest. I’m pretty sure we also had smoothies. Snacks are nice at ceremonies. Take a special picnic to a river or lake somewhere close by your home. Food isn’t essential, you can simply burn a little offering with the honor and intention to release. You have my permission to keep it simple and still have it work. 

#7. AWARENESS FOR WHAT YOU MAY BE ACTIVATING. It’s not only our ancestors who accidentally turned on the shit-storm for the rest of us. If you aren’t careful, you may also inadvertently turn on something you don’t mean to. Especially parents, if you notice your kids mimicking your less-than-ideal behavior, time to nip that in the bud. Get to the root of your hurt and let it go. Find a new story. Everything you shift in yourself becomes automatically available for future generations.  

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