How Hypnosis can Help you Unlock Your Deep-Seeded Wisdom and Internal Magic

It has been said that we have everything we need inside of us. Are there keys that unlock our deep-seeded wisdom and internal magic? I believe there are specific strategies and techniques that act like keys by making it easier for you to consistently tap into your personal power.

A few months ago, I was on one of my walks when a hawk started screeching and flying around. Another smaller hawk followed her. I love seeing animals on my hikes because I get this wonderful feeling of gratitude and connection. I have this brilliant book called Animal Speak that provides insight into the messages when a specific animal shows up in your life. When I got home, I forgot to read the book. The next day same thing happened. Walk, hawk, and mental note to read the insight. Oops, I forgot. Then two days later, I went for another hike, only this time the big, beautiful, and bold hawks were in trees so close to my home and to me, I could see and feel their majestic energy and power. Mental note to read the book as soon as I got home. Guess what did not happen?

Fast forward two days later. It’s Saturday morning. I'm drinking coffee and looking out the big windows at my beloved Lake Michigan. I decide to have a conversation with the Universe. Out loud. Have you ever done that? It was fun. I felt like I was drinking coffee with the Creator, my Guides, Angels, and Higher Self. Eventually I was back in my head thinking about life. All of the sudden, I felt, yes FELT, an ‘energy thought’ of Hawk, come into my head and split my thoughts in two. I immediately ran downstairs to grab the book to discover why Hawk keeps showing up in my life. When Hawk enters your life, it’s a message that a message is coming. That got me excited too.

I got this idea to ask the Universe to give me a sign that it’s listening to me. I asked specifically for a hawk to fly in front of my big windows on this very day. I also asked that I see the hawk in action. Only twice in sixteen years has a hawk flown in front of my windows.

A few hours later, I was on the phone, not really paying attention to anything other than my conversation. For whatever reason, I glanced over at the window at the precise moment a hawk flew right in front it. (Almost hit it, too) I screamed, of course. I was thrilled. I felt loved, special, and connected to something much greater than myself. Hawk almost hitting my window created an AHA! moment for me: A realization that I can communicate with Spirit. More specifically, that Spirit can communicate with me. This, to me, is an example of internal magic that we can awaken and generate.

When you take time to tap into your power and birthright to create and manifest your desires, you are combining internal magic with deep-seeded wisdom, because you begin to recognize who you are and what you are capable of.

So, what does hypnotism have to do with unlocking your deep-seeded wisdom and creating internal magic? Everything. After working with thousands of clients, I now know that with hypnosis, almost anything is possible.

When your conscious, analytical mind is calm and out of the way, we have access to your subconscious and superconscious mind. We can program and reprogram your mind for success in any and all areas of your life, personally and professionally. We can connect you to your higher self, angels, and guides. We can awaken your internal magic and create a direct line for you to communicate on your own.

Here’s the thing. If you are constantly stressed or worried, you are focusing on what you don’t want to happen and what you don’t like. It becomes difficult to see, hear, or feel your intuition and your connection. It also creates ‘static’ in the connection to all parts of you including Source and Higher Self.

When you are guided into a hypnotic state, it can literally melt the stress out of your body and reset your systems. This allows your mind and your body to deeply relax and heal on every level.

It also makes it easier for you to be present and focus on what you want. You can use the power and focus of your thoughts to raise your vibes, set intentions, and connect with the wisdom inside of you.

When you put into practice what you know and learn, it becomes wisdom. In order to tap into your wisdom and your souls’ messages, you must overcome the negativity–the fears, doubts and worries. You can raise your vibes and consistently feel more gratitude and joy, but you must do the deeper work to heal your history.

If you want to be the ultimate manifestor, you must release and let go of stuck patterns, negative emotions, and limiting beliefs. With hypnotherapy, it’s so much easier to get to the root cause of any challenge (in this life and past lives), neutralize past traumas, and forgive everyone, including yourself.

Joy, gratitude and self-love open doors for more joy, gratitude, and love, which opens doors to attracting whatever you want, including insights, universal wisdom, and powerful healing magic-emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, sexually, and financially.

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Randi Light, MS, CH

Certified Hypnotherapist, Peak Performance
Coach, Hypnosis Instructor and Healer

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