Awakening Your Ability to Shift Reality

Opening your access to infinite cosmic wisdom so you can heal, grow, and create to your Divine potential.

In this Akashic Records Certification training, you will be taught a process to align with the highest cosmic intelligence, allowing you to:

This process is designed to:

Personally heal yourself of emotional and physical dis-ease
Identify and clear oppressive belief systems
Experience deep and transformative self-love
Clear ancestral energy patterns no longer serving you or the collective
Understand your life mission and open access to your highest potential
Access your quantum healing abilities
Unlock new energetic skills

YOU can Learn to Read the Akashic Records -- Even if:

You have no previous experience with meditation or spiritual practice
You’ve had no psychic experiences in your life
Your mind is full of chatter
You don’t consider yourself creative
You don’t have an advanced education
You are skeptical

When you join this Multi-Level (16 Lessons) Program, you will:


Introduction to the Akashic Records
Learn the basics of the Akashic Records and how to read the Records for not only yourself, but also your home, animals, and crystals.

LESSON 1: Welcome to ALIGN

LESSON 2: Align to Superconscious Intelligence (Learn to Read the Akashic Records)

LESSON 3: Opening the Akashic Records

LESSON 4: How to Deal with Blocks

LESSON 5: Akashic Success Activation


Radical Self Transformation through the Akashic Records
This course is designed to deliver radical self transformation by discovering the true nature of who you are and understating your soul’s mission on the planet.

LESSON 6: Reading the Records of Animals, Locations, and Crystals

LESSON 7: Search for Higher Understanding

LESSON 8: Characteristics of the Akashic Records/ Expanding Your Growth

LESSON 9: Discovering the True Nature of Life

LESSON 10: Using the Akashic Records for Healing

LESSON 11: Expanding Our Understanding of Karma, Linear Time, and Unity Consciousness


Advanced Healing Protocols with the Akashic Records
Learn how to facilitate the healing energy of the Akashic Records to clear your karma, heal all areas of “dis-ease”, and co-create the best possible future for yourself and others.

LESSON 12: Exploring past Life Connections to Present Life Issues

LESSON 13: Recovering Your Ancient Wisdom

LESSON 14: Strengthening Your Future

LESSON 15: Understanding Ancestral Patterns

LESSON 16: Reading for Clients

Still wondering if Learning to Read the Akashic Records is for you?

Read on! Here’s what kind of upleveling you can expect in the quantum...

Activate Christ-Consciousness DNA
Activate crystalline Light Body (Merkaba)
Open access to multidimensional skills
Facilitate self-healing and personal transformation
Provide required course content for Akashic Records Practitioner Certification
Increase spiritual confidence
Activate Unified Chakra field
Anchor a personal timeline shift into 5D

Love From Happy Clients and Students

I have learned so much about myself and my abilities

"I have learned so much about myself and my abilities, as well as becoming more confident and TRUSTING my intuition."

~Bryan Cable, Certified Akashic Records Practitioner

I have stepped into my power. I know there is more to come.

"I have been reconnected with my beautiful sister Emily who I adore. She has so much wisdom to impart in beautiful authentic way. I am so grateful that one decision and where it has led me and continues to do so."

~Janelle Cameron, Host of "Cosmic Ascension Report"

Amazing Bonus!

Bonus Offer - 1 Month free membership into The Ether (You can activate it anytime in the next 12 months) [$22 Value]

Learn to hold the frequency of miracle consciousness where anything becomes possible without spending hours a day in meditation. 

Enter The Ether

Feel deep connection with others in a sacred classroom of Visionaries, where you can rapidly increase your ability to make positive life changes by addressing the biggest personal challenges in your health, wealth, relationship, and career, with Emily. (this is NOT pre-recorded training, this is a LIVE healing workshop.)

Akashic Insider

Receive daily text reminders (topics like: gratitude, vision or breathwork) that train your muscle memory to focus on your vision while keeping you in a state of gratitude and connection with the Universe and everything around you. You’ll learn to hold unprecedented states of high vibe energy so you can improve things in your life quickly and effectively.

Akashic Library

Access the most potent intelligence from your Akashic Records with Emily's most powerful trainings at your fingertips, from clearing your karma, to achieving flow state and miracle consciousness.

Complete 3 Level Self-Study Learning to Read Your Records - Limited Time Offer!

My Learning to Read Your Records Mentorship Program is $5,500…
What I’ve done is created a 3 Level Self-Study version.

You can get the Complete 3 Level Self-Study Learning to Read Your Records for a limited time.


Bonus #1 - 1 Month free membership into The Ether ($22 value)


$ 1,497

One-time payment


$ 444

4 payments billed monthly

Love From Our Clients

More Love from Our Clients

Being a member in the Akashic Academy and working with Emily has been a great experience.

The energy, meditations & information that's exchanged are all high quality and have helped my personal growth.

"I've also made some new friends and have been inspired to collaborate with several members. I'm very grateful to everyone at the academy for their support.

If this resonates with you, I would recommend contacting Emily to discuss how she may walk part of your journey with you."

~Mike Cappo
Akashic Academy Member, Science Teacher, Yoga Instructor

Going through the Akashic Records program with Emily Harrison has been life changing.

Emily is an excellent major, offering support and guidance throughout this process, while encouraging you to access the wisdom within. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to deepen their spiritual practice, and awaken to their spiritual gifts.

"Going through the Akashic Records program with Emily Harrison has been life changing. It has awakened so many spiritual gifts within me, and has allowed me to strengthen my connection to my spirit team.

I have been able to channel messages from the Akashic Records, which has allowed me to deepen my understanding and wisdom in other practices I utilize such as EFT and Astrology. It has helped to activate my psychic abilities, and receive messages from angels."

~ Kara Melendy

Going through each module has opened me up to my true self and has strengthened my purpose and calling.

Emily thank you for the Akashic Records. When I first came across the Akashic Records program, I was in the closet about who I was regarding my gifts.

"Going through each module has opened me up to my true self and has strengthened my purpose and calling. My calling has never been clear and prevalent. I am grateful for the support and the Akashic family. You are a blessing to those who are in need of that extra insight and guidance.

The love you feel and the spiritual awaking you experience is one you can't less pass you by."

~Laura Moreno AKA Lala

I have had a privelege of working with Emily inside the Akashic Academy...

Emily's ability to communicate directly with the Akashic Records to deliver much needed downloads and channelled messages, is a beautiful gift to receive and to witness.

"I have had a privelege of working with Emily inside the Akashic Academy. Emily's ability to communicate directly with the Akashic Records to deliver much needed downloads and channelled messages, is a beautiful gift to receive and to witness."

~Deborah Williams
Learning to Read the Akashic Records Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I access the class information?

You will be assigned a unique user id and password which will allow you access through our student portal. You will also receive weekly emails that will guide you to your access points. If you have any trouble receiving your material, we have an excellent team to handle all your customer service needs. We’ll take care of you, just email us.

If I reach a difficult portion of the growth and need support from Emily, what do I do?

Please reach out via email to so we can determine what solutions might best support you in your growth.

Can I become a certified Akashic Records Practitioner through this experience?

Yes, both the self study option, as well as personal mentorship under Emily, offer the opportunity to earn a certification from The Akashic Academy. Requirements to earn certification are completion of all class material, then a final Akashic Records reading with Emily as facilitated by the student.

If I don’t finish the class material, what happens?

You will always have access to the online content, whether you have chosen the self study option or mentorship with Emily. Participation with group and private coaching with Emily is limited to the 15 weeks following the student’s enrollment. NOTE: The Akashic Academy does not offer refunds however if your purchase become unsuitable to support your highest growth for any reason, we will do our best to reallocate your funds to a more suitable program for you. This consideration happens on an individual basis.

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