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Lightworker Stress Relief—Energy Tapping

by Suzanne Gundersen

We are born from a lineage of familial, cultural, religious, and geographical beliefs which live in our DNA. Those beliefs are expressed through emotional, mental, and physical symptoms that can either have us thanking our genes or wondering how to get out of them! Whatever your lineage endured; you too may carry that history in the cells of your body.   

     Was war in your lineage? If so, maybe you found yourself fighting in this lifetime, to keep the war alive.

     Was famine in your lineage? If so, possibly you carry excess weight to manage the fear of hunger.

     Was trauma in your lineage? If so, are you living with shame or other unworthy feelings from abuse in this life?

     Was epidemics and sickness in your lineage? If yes, what illness do you have now?

Trauma can live as patterns, programs, and cycles within the cells of your body. Energy Tapping can clear ancestral trauma that may be trapped in your DNA. Tapping is a simple self-use acupressure technique where you literally use your fingers to tap on energy points of the body. Tapping shifts our experience of stress, both conscious and subconsciously. The shifts are based in neuroscience, in that it rewires the brain and nervous system to help you transcend the past (no matter how far back it goes) and shift you into new choice.     

Let's “Tap” and clear past programs and help our lineage heal trauma from the past. There are five Tapping points we use. If you know more points, great—feel free to use them. If you don’t know what I mean just follow along.  

Tapping calms the mind and relaxes the body, and is often experienced with a tingly sensation, a sense of peace, a yawn or spontaneous breath. Using two fingers (typically index and middle fingers) of either or both hands, Tap on each Tapping point (eye brow, side eye, under eye, collar bones, wrist) 5-10 times, while repeating the following Ancestry Trauma Clearing Tapping script outloud:

  1. Inside Eye Brow (eyebrow) – The conditioning my family underwent from our culture, religion, our community, that shaped our identity and survival strategies for connection and safety. The root of these rules, beliefs, and structures that my family agreed, I carry in my DNA. 
  2. Temple (side eye) - I’ve been witnessing my evidence and proof of those agreements as symptoms of my stress, emotional, mental, and physical. I have carried these beliefs on behalf of my family and I’m now willing to break this pattern, on behalf of my intention, in this life to evolve into my authentic self. I know my strongest identity is who I am, not where I belong.  The trauma endured by my family, for lifetimes. 
  3. Top of Cheek Bone (under eye) – Clearing the trauma endured by my family, for lifetimes. Clearing any influences that no longer serve my highest good, no matter where they came from or what they mean. Clearing them from my past, clearing them from my personal history, clearing them from every cell of my body. Aligning my inner being, my intuition, and my guides in powerful force to keep me walking my purpose with the highest vibration.Whatever I may have collected from the past, that’s lived in my DNA, I now clear; memories, patterns, emotional habits, thoughts, and beliefs keeping me connected to something outside of me. 
  4. Collar Bones – Only love and light are allowed to occupy my mind and body. Whatever else is there, I ask you to leave, clearing me for my healthiest and highest vibration. I now get to decide how to code my DNA, aligned with my truest authentic self.
  5. Squeeze one wrist - Clearing whatever blocks, barriers, resistance I may have in the form of emotional habits, beliefs that keep me clung to the past. I am now willing to know it’s safe, possible, and I deserve to let anything not inline with my ascension and my highest vibration, leave me now

Join us each issue as we share Energy Tapping scripts to help you stress less on your Lightworker journey!  

Energy Tapping helps you keep mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually fit during these transformative times of our evolution and spreading love and light on this planet.

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Suzanne Gundersen is a Holistic Stress Relief Mentor who helps people energetically clear their personal stress (anxiety, fears, overthinking) and build confidence.

Using her own proven 3-step ACE Method, she helps you unlock and resolve what has you stressed and struggling. Through Awareness, Connection, and Expansion, uncover the intuitive truth about your stress, resolve at root for results faster. Imagine having tools to manage stress for the rest of your life. ACE uses a combo of tools and techniques, including her own style of Energy Tapping, that Reprograms stress, Revitalizes energy, and Reclaims your power!

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