Surrender Your Past

Reveal Your Present

A Once in a Lifetime Immersion with the Wisdom Keepers in a sacred planetary vortex of Mother Earth; Spiritual Initiation and Certification for Ultimate Spiritual Seeker…experience purification and revelation in sacred Mount Shasta

We have transformed and transfigured out dated patterns. Surrendering our past, we reveal our PRESENT. One of the seven major vortexes of the planet, Mount Shasta offers us the next stage of powerful transformative energy medicine. Alchemy, awakened through our ancient memory. Akashic Alchemy Certification will allow you to experience personal transmutation of your density into a high vibrating state of bliss. You’ll program your energy field to hold a continued state of ease and pleasure. Once you initiate to this level of transformation, you gain the ability to witness others through their own transformation process. Revelation awaits. Join me.

~Emily Harrison, Founder and Director of the Akashic Academy

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