Our Universe is Made of Love Contracts
Our Freedom is to Choose to Fulfill Them by being the Light and the Love

Have you ever had those moments in life where suddenly so many pieces of your life-puzzle come together and everything becomes much clearer? I recently had one of those moments and I think it has forever changed me, my view of life, my soul-purpose, and its meaning. What I came to realize is the importance of our unique spirit, or essence, and the love contracts we incarnated to fulfill, sharing that very essence of who we are. These contracts are sacred and fundamentally important to completing the life-lessons we came here to grow from.
Sometimes these love contracts may be invisible to us and can completely pass us by, while others can consume our entire being. Some love contracts turn our lives upside down and we can't resist our soul’s plan. Some of the more obvious love contracts are with our partners, our children, our parents, our friends, and extended family. But there are so many others, however brief or long, that each bring sacredness to our experience of life through love and light.

Pets, birds, other animals, and sea creatures, trees, shrubs, flowers, bugs, soil, water, crystals, rocks, faeries, guardian angels, our sacred objects of all kinds, you name it; all of us are connected by millions upon millions of love contracts. In some of these contracts, it’s our job to give love. In others, it’s our job to receive love. And sometimes it's both. Some contracts are to give or receive specific kinds of love, like healing, nurturing, wisdom, truth, romantic, or maternal/paternal love. As we open our hearts more and more, with full presence to our own healing process, the easier it is to become aware of these love contracts and how much support is available to us. The more we choose to become whole and multi-dimensional, the more we awaken to the light and love that is already there, and ultimately realize the truth that all exists for love’s sake.
I am currently in the process of becoming a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, working with the spirit of various plants for their healing properties and to foster a very intimate and spiritual connection with Gaia, the elements, the faeries, and the Devas. This work is deeply tied to the prayer I made on November 11th of 2018 in the temple space at Machu Picchu. I prayed for the healing of the wombs of all the women in the world, and to bring 5D and the 3D together as one, to create heaven on earth. As a Flower Essence Practitioner, I am doing just this. It is a significant part of my soul-purpose and the love contracts I came here to fulfill, and my guardian angels are contracted to help me succeed with it.

As part of this process, I conducted a threshold ceremony where I connected deeply to my soul-self and declared my devotion to this path of priestess and medicine woman. I spent great care to prepare myself. I took a Dead Sea salt bath to detox and release all negative energies and curses that I had previously been contracted to heal in this lifetime with my family and past lovers. I buried and released myself fully into the water, until a deeply-rooted sense of fear arose in me about leaving the earth. It shook me and awakened me. This was the moment of my rebirth. I dressed in a beautiful, vintage dress and I found a clearing by a river to conduct my ceremony.

Adjacent to the clearing was a glorious Cutleaf American Beech Tree and small waterfall, and an old bridge and waterwheel no longer in use. My attire and the location helped me connect to other lifetimes in my soul’s memory, where I obtained knowledge and wisdom about plant medicine my higher-self has so lovingly contracted me to call forth at this time. As it turns out, beech trees and their faeries encourage the recovery of ancient knowledge. Beech also fosters a true connection with the past, which means learning from it and retaining what is useful without feeling confined. My higher-self and the beech faeries brought me to the perfect spot!

During my ceremony, I also befriended a Raccoon, and a mated pair of Cardinals. Following the ceremony, on the walk out of the ravine, I stopped to connect with, and prepare the essence of, a Weeping Cutleaf Japanese Maple tree. To offer my gratitude, I gave it an old metal heart on a string that had once adorned a lantern used in a beautiful candle-lighting ritual during my wedding ceremony to my ex-husband many years ago. I felt inner peace and left renewed and firmly grounded in my new self.

The love contract of the spirit of Raccoon was to bring me the vibration of resourcefulness, and the knowledge that I already have the skills required to succeed in completing my soul-purpose. The love contract of the spirits of the mated Cardinals was to bring me the vibration of lifelong partnership and of higher love and spiritual connection. The love contract of the spirit of Japanese Maple was to bring me the vibration of healing of my heart from supposed past ‘mistakes’ in love, particularly with my marriage, so that I can fully heal and release the past gracefully, and fully forgive and be open to love again.

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Jessica is a womb priestess, mother, and lightworker with a mission to integrate the 5th dimension into the 3rd dimension to create heaven on earth. She is a healer, wizard, guide, and channel of various modalities including flower essence plant medicine, poetry, reiki, vortex healing, tarot, oracle reader, as well as a student of the Akashic Records.

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