Sexual Life Force

  You can manifest absolutely anything you want with sexual energy, but you must first learn to harness it. Our sexuality is one of the most powerful driving forces in our lives, however for most people, this force is almost entirely unconscious.

We live in a society that is constantly bombarded with sexual stimulation. Pornography accounts for about 30% of data transferred over the internet. The problem is that porn creates a very imbalanced and out-of-context view on sexuality. The modern man learns about sex through porn. This teaches him that sex is a purely physical act, possibly without any relation to love and higher connection. Women are often programmed to believe that their value lies in the appearance of their physical bodies. This has created a generation of sexually imbalanced teenagers, who carry these burdens into their adult years. Learn to clear out sexual traumas and gain a harmonious relationship with your sexuality, and it will become a very powerful and fulfilling source of energy.

One of the qualities that makes sexual energy so powerful is that it amplifies everything it is put into. How do you feel when you connect sexually with someone who you love deeply? Everything becomes intensified and your connection often deepens as you sync your energy bodies together. The Chakras open and unify, and the body pulsates with energy. A much higher level of energy is generated and shared between partners– much more than would have otherwise been available to either of them individually. This energy has the power to heal us, rebirth us, and help us create an ideal life and harmonious world.

Sexual energy also acts like a superglue, binding things together. Have you ever been in a long-term relationship with someone, then split up? You may have felt it was time to go separate ways, but you still felt an unbreakable connection to them. Unfortunately, people often find themselves glued to pornography, to abusive relationships, and to people who are not in alignment with their values. You can learn to bind yourself to love, to personal growth, and high levels of energy and bliss.

Sex is a multidimensional experience. It is not only a physical connection, but an energetic, spiritual, and emotional bonding. Sex is one of the most intense experiences a human being can have. However, most people are only experiencing a fraction of the potential ecstasy and energetic awakening that sex can bring. The Taoists of ancient China and the Yogis of India and Tibet used Tantric methods to greatly amplify the experience of sex, and work with sexual energies to bring about personal healing, transformation, and enlightenment.

The body is comprised of thousands of energy pathways. Through practices such as yoga and Qigong, it is possible to consciously open these energy channels and circulate sexual energy through them. When this is consciously done during lovemaking, it allows for that orgasmic energy to be channeled away from the genitals and upwards to the higher centers. The orgasmic energy can be brought into the organs for healing and the brain and pineal gland to awaken intelligence and dormant psychic abilities.

Partners can consciously exchange this energy through their body’s energetic pathways, leading to deep states of intimacy and full-body orgasm. Men can actually learn to have full-body, non-ejaculatory orgasms. It is not desirable for the man to ejaculate every time he has sex, as the semen contains vital essences and nutrients from the body which are necessary for longevity and spiritual growth. By consciously controlling his aroused energy, a man can gain complete mastery of his ejaculatory response and experience higher orgasms that leave him feeling charged instead of
depleted. This allows him to fully please his partner, instead of stereotypically ejaculating after a few minutes and then rolling over to fall asleep.

Women can learn to smoothen out the intensity of their menstrual cycle, lessening the amount of energy that is lost through it.

A word of caution: I mentioned earlier how sexual energy is a powerful amplifier. This also applies to negative emotions. If you are not emotionally clear and/or mentally clear while attempting to work with sexual energy, you're going to amplify any negative emotions, ie. anger, frustration, sadness, etc. So it's incredibly important to explore your shadow aspects and bring those into the light to be resolved prior to working with sexual energy.

To start integrating sexual energy into your daily life, try this simple practice: See your sexual center as a glowing pearl of pink energy. As you inhale, gently contract the perineum muscles (same as a Kegel exercise) and feel this pearl expand like a balloon. As you exhale, relax the perineum and feel the pink pearl contract. After a few rounds of this breathing, as you inhale and squeeze the perineum, bring the pink energy up into your heart. As you exhale feel the sexual energy concentrating in your heart center, mixing your sexual energy with loving heart energy. You can bring this energy into any area of your body, supercharging yourself with sexual energy.

Try this exercise any time of the day and in any situation, and notice if others start to react differently to your presence. You may find that you become very magnetic, as your aura is radiating this attractive sexual energy. Use this exercise before doing creative work, before exercising, before working with a client, and you will find that it helps you channel powerful sexual energy into all activities.

A simple way to start connecting to your partner on a deeper level is to consciously link your breathing. Inhale with your partner, listen to their breath. Exhale together, feel the rhythmic expansion and contraction of your bodies. This will sync your vibration, and is a very effective way to relax and get into the sexy mood after a stressful day. Having a conscious and active sex life can keep you feeling young well into old age. As we age, typically sexual interest declines and sexual hormone levels drop. Several age-related diseases are actually caused by the declining levels of sex hormones in the brain, resulting in memory loss and decreased cognition. By actively working with your sexual energy and circulating it into the organs and brain, the body stays young and healthy. Sex can be the most potent healing medicine and tool for spiritual growth, if approached with love, respect, and awareness.

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Jonathan White

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