MULTI-DIMENSIONAL FREEDOM: The Dao,The Way, The Path, The Balance

Daoism originates from China, and the word itself, Dao/Tao {pronounced DOW} means balancing your own personal way on your path. This concept is a multi- layered system, with many techniques and philosophies that are all considered Daoist, that can, in essence, be mixed and match for the individual. The main concept is balancing the Mind, Body, and Spirit. A lot of the techniques can be put into the philosophy of the 3 Ms:

  • Martial/Fitness/Body
  • Medical/Self-Healing/Mind
  • Meditational/Energy Work/Spirit

These three categories allow the individual to find the different techniques that, as a whole, will help create an interlocked balance.

Within the Daoist concept, things can be very simple or very complex, depending on the individual's level along their path, but here are some key essential concepts.

Find techniques that balance all three aspects of the
Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Raise your Balance. Rather than always going for the extreme, find your Middle Ground, then raise that, and you will always enhance in a harmonious way. For example, you can do 100 sit-ups max, but you want to raise that. You begin each day doing 50 sit-ups, adding 5 sit-ups each week. After a period of time, your original maximum becomes your average.

The Water Way or Water Technique. Some have heard of this as water torture, but the true philosophy of this is that a little bit, every day, builds up and grows. As running water never grows stale, so is the idea that through constant, regular, small daily practice, you can build up and strengthen any technique or system. Daily practice of physical, emotional and spiritual exercise will increase your energy/vitality and help you advance your full conscious awareness.

Within Daoism, there are many Energy exercises (Qigongs), Stretching techniques (Neigong/Daoist Yoga), and Mindfulness Techniques (Shengong/Daoist meditation) to help you obtain your own personal path of growth.

By blending variations of Qigong (Energizing Exercise), Neigong (Strengthening Exercise), and Shengong (spiritual meditational exercise) on a daily basis, it helps expand and grow your Conscious awareness.

We are all interconnected. We are all one collective- consciousness that has separate identities, or expressions, of one interconnected being. Within Daoism, not only is everything seen as being collective consciousness but also it is seen that this reality is, as such, an Illusion. Meaning we take this reality as being the only "thing" there is, but when we look deeper, through meditation, visualization, and energy work, we see more and more. Quantum physicists, because of what scientific data is showing them, are now referring to this same style of philosophy from the Ancient Daoists--that reality itself could even be a hologram or simulation.

To truly evolve, you must enjoy, like a child, the aspects of this reality; yet take responsibility for all actions as an adult.

Everyone and everything thing in this universe, whether living or otherwise, is your Sifu (guide, muse, teacher.) This means that the universe is talking to you all the time, whether in words, pictures, situations, thoughts or through energy itself.

Be able to receive this information and be able to interpret it in the best way possible. For a Daoist, everything is about learning and accepting new information, and raising the Balance from day to day. Finding your Balance, and living in the present moment (living in the now), is the best way to enhance your consciousness and to be able to break out of the old regime/reality.

Daoism sees the universe as energy. Everything is energy and vibration. There are many versions of energy, but for at least one Daoist school, Dragondog Shaman School, The 3 Ones are the most important for conscious beings.

The 3 One energies are:

  • Qi (Physical Vitality)
  • Jing (Emotional Vitality)
  • Shen (Spiritual Vitality)

These three Vitalities are not the only Ones that exist, but balancing these enhances your consciousness at the beginning phases. Through practice and understanding, you can then explore more about the other energies that exist.

As Dao means Balanced Way, there are many different personal ways, or paths, within Daoism. Which also means there are many different schools. These different schools take the concepts of Daoism and adapt them to their own personal paths.

Some of the main, but certainly not the only, paths are the Dragondog Shaman, the Barefoot Doctors, and the Cloud Whisperers.

The Dragondog Shaman focuses on the Energetic side of the universe and follows the 3 Ones (Qi, Jing, Shen - Mind, Body, Spirit) especially. From this basic understanding, they advance onto other philosophies and techniques and evolve in their own way.

The Barefoot Doctors are seen as more practical Daoists. In addition to the 3 One energies, they have 5 Skills and 5 Elemental Energies.

The Cloud Whisperers are seen as the most Mystical of Daoists, as their belief is that you affect your outer reality by balancing your internal reality (internal Mind, Body, and Spirit.)

Although these three schools are not the only ones used in Daoism, they show you can use different techniques in different ways to achieve the same results. Overall, it is up to the individual to find their own personal path that allows them to increase their consciousness and eventually ascend to the next dimensions/reality, or even return to Source (God/Dao) itself.

The aim of Daoism, quite simply, is to find YOUR balanced path. There are many techniques to do this, being simple or complex, but utilizing fun and enjoyment like a child, while taking responsibility for actions and personal growth like an adult.

According to Ancient Daoist knowledge, everything in this universe is layers of consciousness. This is known as The 5 Spirits, or 5 Spirit Horses with 3 Riders.

These are broken down as: Meridians Chakras Auras Merkaba Tora

These are bound together by the 3 Dan Tiens. You could consider these as layers of a cake, with the Dan Tiens (energy cells) being the icing that binds it all together. According to the ancient knowledge, everything that exists is this combination of energy systems, whether human, animal, mineral, Etheric, etc.

Understanding the basis of these energy systems can help expand and grow your consciousness. The more knowledge and energy you acquire, the more you grow and expand. There is no limit to the amount of energy you can obtain, and there is no limit to the amount of knowledge you can know if you continuously see yourself as an empty cup or vessel. Be like a child, always gaining knowledge with wonder, but don't let yourself be overpowered by ego and take this information for granted.

Everything is knowledge, but understand that there is always more to know. The more you know, the bigger the picture becomes. In essence, for the Daoist, this universe is a playground, but also a learning tool. Consistently advance and grow in body, mind, and spirit, understanding, in truth, there is NO good or bad. There are only lessons to be learned. When this is appreciated, then you grow from your down times (lessons) and excel during the up times, while always seeking to raise that Middle Ground.

Until next time... Love, Qi, and Shen

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