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Learn to hold the frequency of miracle consciousness where anything becomes possible,
without spending hours a day in meditation.

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A Look Inside The Ether

Watch this short video to learn about everything included with your membership to The Ether.

If you’re on a personal or spiritual quest to transmute the negativity in your life
so you can help others do the same,


You want to unlock your unique genius and radically develop your quantum skills so you can innovate your life, keep reading…

What is Ether?

It’s no secret that your thoughts create your reality.

However, the truth about your subconscious thoughts will shock you.

According to the National Science Foundation, an average person:

  • has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day
  • 80% are negative thoughts
  • 95% are repetitive thoughts
  • 95%-99% are subconscious

Here’s the good news!

Consciously creating with your thoughts, ISN’T connected to how much time you spend in mediation.
Consciously creating with your thoughts IS a direct result of your focus and consistency.

What would happen if you could stay connected to Superconscious Intelligence?

Imagine having the resource of your higher mind, fully available to you, all the time.

Anything you desire to create, or experience, is possible when you learn to become a vibrational match to what you want.

Let us show you how we can help you get clear, focused, and connected to Superconscious Intelligence, risk free, you can cancel at any time.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Enter The Ether

Make positive life changes while addressing your challenges.

Akashic Insider Texts

Opt in for daily text reminders to keep your vibe high.

Akashic Library

Increase connection to your Akash, release unresolved trauma.

Enter The Ether

Feel deep connection with others in a sacred classroom of Visionaries, where you can rapidly increase your ability to make positive life changes by addressing the biggest personal challenges in your health, wealth, relationship, and career, with Emily. (this is NOT pre-recorded training, this is a LIVE healing workshop.)

Akashic Insider

Receive daily text reminders that train your muscle memory to focus on your vision while keeping you in a state of gratitude and connection with the Universe and everything around you. You’ll learn to hold unprecedented states of high vibe energy so you can improve things in your life quickly and effectively. You can opt in to receive a daily Akashic Insider text in three different areas of focus (Gratitude, Vision, Breathwork)

Akashic Library

Have you missed Emily’s most powerful trainings? Access the most potent intelligence from your Akashic Records at your fingertips, from clearing your karma, to achieving flow state and miracle consciousness.

Your credit card will be charged $22.22 each month.

Your credit card will be charged $222.20 yearly.
*A special savings of $44.44 off the monthly subscription

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