The Most Peculiar Dream of a Long Lost Day in Cornwall at Beltane in 1852

by Jessica Dawn Russell

Bring me back from the dead,

Win my heart and love my mind,

Wind down the long trail around the corner of the shipping yards,

The wildflowers dance amongst the grass blades that sparkle in the sunlight,

Rise up from the dead,

Rising into a higher realm previously unknown,

Win my heart and wind the valley trail,

Drink from the river and smile upon the luminous salmon stream,

The festival is starting atop the hill at the farmer’s house,

The dancing will begin and my heart will you win?

Tides are turning, times are shifting,

Lives are drowning in circles at the turning of the engine steam,

We have this moment now and let us love within it,

Win my heart before you are gone for so long for so many tomorrows,

Listen carefully for the song of the sparrow,

The tides are shifting, the flood is rising,

And now, let us enjoy this moment,

Will you win my heart once more?

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