Can the Science of Quantum Theory Explain Enlightenment?

Fact or fiction – it is what we believe it to be

by Jennifer Soto

Many facts of science aren’t readily accepted as truths, but are simply considered mere theories to be debunked. Even when investigational data coincide directly with previously accepted ‘laws’ of physics, there are those who continue to proclaim the fact as false. Example – flat earthers. How does science deal with these disbelievers? It doesn’t. The doubters are left in their cloud of disbelief and scientific research marches onward and upward toward deeper understanding and clarity in concept. Truthfully though, over time, many scientific facts are actually discredited. Maybe not completely tossed out, but they are “updated” as newer hypothesis are developed and proven, with improved experimental capabilities through greater technology. If cultural norms and social beliefs refuse to accept these upgrades in understanding, humanity, in its basic sense, will evolve in a constant state of ignorance.

In our world, scientific realities clash frequently with belief systems and culture. This clash isn’t new or unique to our time. In 1633 Galileo Galilei was prosecuted as a heretic by the Catholic Church for publishing his findings that earth revolved around the sun. This science conflicted with then-current church teachings, which held that the sun revolved around the earth. We now scoff at the ignorance of the 1600s, yet it was a mere 70 years ago that the great Alan Turing, developer of the Turing Machine, a mathematical breakthrough in computational mathematics, was chemically castrated for his homosexual tendencies, ultimately leading to his suicide. This cultural paradigm robbed us of unimaginable breakthroughs yet to be developed by Turing, and in some ways, current dogma and social norms continue to discard science as the playground of religious heretics or social deviants.

We may consider ourselves far more socially and culturally advanced than our predecessors but—are we really? Can we accept the fact that consciousness affects our physical world? Can we believe energy and vibration are more relevant than physical matter? Are we ready to acknowledge that genetic and social conditioning can be changed through daily practice? This is where current science is leading us.

In quantum theory, the scientific field which studies physical attributes at the smallest scales imaginable—and unimaginable—everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, in its basic state, is vibration and energy. Even before physical matter (atoms, electrons, neutrons, etc.) came into being, vibration and energy existed within the “soup” of what is described as dark matter (it is called dark matter because we are “in the dark” about its nature—at least in the scientific world.) Quantum principles underly everything in our universe, and are now beginning to identify the interconnectedness of dark matter with the participatory aspect of reality. This discovery came with the identification of the principle of entanglement.

What does this mean? When quantum particles are linked together, the measurement of one particle’s quantum state, such as position (vibration) and momentum (energy), also determines the quantum state of the other particle. It sounds complicated, yet experiments have shown when scientists effect change in one particle, the entangled particle instantaneously experiences an equal change. This change is made possible by the infinitesimally high vibration of the quantum material of dark matter (which at its foundation is light—hello Creative Source.)

Without going too deep into the specifics of the science, which I am still only beginning to grasp, this discovery correlates with the theory that once an observer (us), observes (sees) a particle (matter), that physical material becomes what we are seeing. This reality is due to the law of potentials which states that the potentials of vibration and energy only become realities when observed. This may seem out-of-this-world to our current concepts of the physical universe, yet keep in mind that only 400 years ago the law of the land stated that earth was the center of the universe!

How does this translate to our search for enlightenment and spiritual transformation? In a metaphysical system, vibration equates to wisdom, and energy equates to knowledge. As the Creative Source, illuminated by light—hello dark matter, intentionally increases the vibration of wisdom, the resultant manifestation emerges as energy, or knowledge.

Once we raise our own vibration to a level that we gain this energy as knowledge, we become enlightened—receivers of the light of wisdom will manifest in an increase in spiritual energy. We can then begin to observe esoteric realities that can transform our spiritual, emotional, and physical existence. Hence, the observer and the observed are entangled together through vibration and energy. This entanglement is stronger than any genetic, social, or cultural construct we find ourselves trapped within. Once we find the right vibrational state within ourselves, our mind and our body will begin to generate the energy required to attain health. However, if we continue to operate in the belief that we are damaged individuals with little or no hope of improvement, we become just that.

If you are stuck in the paradigm of self-limiting behavior, you will say you can’t change, and accordingly, you won’t. Let’s alter that paradigm to I am, I will, and I have. Quieting your mind through meditation opens the door to “entangling” with higher vibration and positive energy. The manifestation you receive will lead you to an understanding of your own inherent power and control over the outcomes of your life. Thought processes are the slowest to change, and the first step to rewriting your history and future is closing your eyes, opening your mind, and accepting the natural state of love and compassion that come with the transformative power of the universe.

Uniquely, through this universal love and compassion, we effect an upward shift in our personal paradigm. And when enough of us have experienced this shift, the monumental impact we will have on the collective will be unstoppable.

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Jennifer Soto is an aspiring author and member of The Akashic Academy (soon to be a Certified Reader of the Akashic Records.) As a 2017 alumni of California State University at Fullerton, her degree in Anthropology opened her eyes to the myriad cultural beliefs and religious practices worldwide. With a firm desire for things to make sense, Jennifer is pursuing studies in quantum theory where she is discovering the plausible explanations for all that exists in our universe. She recently moved to Quito, Ecuador with her husband, Guillermo, where she is writing and fine-tuning the story shared here titled Butterfly on my Doorstep. Together they have six children and 9.6 grandchildren. They plan to make regular visits to their stateside tribe a priority beginning in March 2020 when grandchild .6 is due to arrive.


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