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The Akashic Academy is a modern day mystery school dedicated to sharing knowledge that is changing the planet.

Emily Harrison
Akashic Records Mentor

Intuitive Development

Awaken your intuitive abilities

Mindful Living

 Live more mindfully in all areas of your life.

Sacred Community

Committed to supporting your growth.

Power Discovery

Learn and Grow your Consciousness

Spiritual Initiation and Certification for Ultimate Spiritual Seeker

A Once in a Lifetime Immersion with the Wisdom Keepers in a sacred planetary vortex of Mother Earth; Spiritual Initiation and Certification for Ultimate Spiritual Seeker… experience purification and revelation in sacred Mount Shasta

FREE Training: 

In this training I will take you into your Akashic Records where you’ll experience a very high level of your own consciousness.

AKASHIC RECALIBRATION: A 1-on-1 60-Day Experience

Re-establish your energy frequency to its prime working capacity under the mentorship of Emily Harrison

You are Divinely designed to heal, manifest, and create with ease and abundance. Your Akashic Records contain your Divine energetic blueprint, the informational record of your most perfect potential. Akashic Recalibration can return your energy frequency to that of its highest design.

The AKASHIC Magazine

The Akashic Magazine is a Spiritual Seeker’s ultimate handbook, providing the most current metaphysical information for all areas of your life.

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Easy and fun video modules, along with a printable journal, make learning fast and effective! EVERYTHING you need to understand and access the Divine Realm of the Akashic Records, from beginning techniques to advanced healing protocols. NO PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE OR EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!!!! It’s all here for you!

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The Inner and Outer Game of Sacred Places

The Inner and Outer Game of Sacred Places

There I was sitting in the audience, my bullshit meter on full-alert, as the “spiritual master” in front of the room explained how the crystal statues and empowered blankets he was selling at the back table were an essential part of the path, or at least a shortcut, to higher states of consciousness



Did you know not only can you travel back in time through Past Life Regression (PLR) but you can also travel forward in time without the aid of a time machine or DeLorean car?

Our Universe is Made of Love Contracts

Our Universe is Made of Love Contracts

This is my happy morning meditation, when I am aware of every sound, every movement around me, as I walk carefully and quietly along my trail to my back forest

Free Psychic Training

Be inspired by true stories of how psychic abilities have helped increase income & develop doors of opportunities.

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