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How can working with the Akashic Records
change your life?

Banish self-doubt so you can make confident, powerful, life decisions that save you time and resources.

Stop patterns of self-sabotage by clearing karmic cycles and achieving unparalleled breakthroughs.

Master the Intuitive Mind, bringing balance to the logical mind where genius is accessed.

Welcome to The Akashic Academy!

The Akashic Academy trains Visionaries and Thought Leaders in their Akashic Records so they can self heal, discover and align to their Soul’s Mission and unique role in society, and innovate  current systems and structures that are outdated, to fully bring humanity into the 5D paradigm.

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Success Stories

Going through the Akashic Records program with Emily Harrison has been life changing

" It has awakened so many spiritual gifts within me, helped to activate my psychic abilities, and receive messages from my angels. Working within the Akashic Records has also had a profound effect on my business, helping me reach multiple 5 figure months, while doing what I love and making a positive difference in the world"

~Kara Melendy

Working with Emily in my Akashic Records has helped me focus....

"Working with Emily in my Akashic Records has helped me focus on what I need to do in life, to drive my mission, and to continue on with what I'm doing. I realize that I really need to quiet my mind so I can stay more connected with the Divine"

~Ben Chasteen, Edge of Wonder

After training with Emily, I live a whole new life...

"Before training with Emily, I lived a life of isolation and rarely left my house because of my sun disease. After training with Emily, I live a whole new life. I love going for walks, going to stores, and I attend festivals wearing sandals and flip flops. I discovered methods to either manage my pain from my sun disease, minimize it, or cure it! "

~Cindy Kuhlman

Emily has been a huge influence in my life...

"Emily has been a huge influence in my life as a men’s peak performance leader, father, and husband. What’s unique about Emily is she is so tapped in higher mind, while being so grounded in her heart and body. It’s rare to meet someone with Emily’s level of intuitive gift who can simultaneously stay so connected to the Earth. "

~Kai Van Bodhi

I highly recommend signing up to experience Emily and her work, it’s so powerful...

"With all the uncertainty in the world I wanted to connect to my Akashic Records to make sure all the big decisions I’m making right now are in the best and highest for me. After working with Emily I have confidence, clarity, and a sense of calm. I highly recommend signing up to experience Emily and her work, it’s so powerful. "

~Jennifer Hudye

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Visionaries inspire global change by first finding inner revolution. The questions in this document will compel you to know yourself in a new way and may be the key to re-writing the codes of humanity...

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