Mount Shasta
Akashic Alchemy Immersion

Manifest Your Highest Potential By Linking To Earth’s Vortexes

August 6 - 10, 2024

How can the heightened energy of Mount Shasta change your life?

Command full creative authority over your physical world.

Discover the competitive edge so you can manifest at will.

Download absolute clarity around your vision and align with your truest genius.

Deeply connect with the Ascended Masters and your Akashic Records.

This is for you if...

You are experiencing bleakness and disassociation in your life, and you desire abundant INSPIRATION and life force energy to keep you motivated and playful.

Losing momentum has you constantly feeling drained and you are searching for the KEY to making your metaphysical treatments STICK.

You feel overwhelmed, stressed, and know you’re risking your health if you don’t claim MORE SPACE in life for rest, rejuvenation, and joy.

You are regularly hitting roadblocks in your manifestations and you require alignment with strategic cosmic forces to ensure your success with EASE.

You feel alone and long for UNWAVERING connection and SUPPORT.

Mount Shasta Akashic Immersion 2022

I began working closely with the Mount Shasta vortex in 2019. Within 6 months of opening this portal, my life had changed dramatically. I had:

Downloaded a clear vision for The Akashic Academy and QUINTUPLED my business

Lived my dream of speaking on stage at Harvard University, Graduate School of Education, receiving a standing ovation

Completed principal photography for a documentary film on the Akashic Records

Debuted on Gaia TV on Interview with E.D.

Deepened my most important relationships, the ones with my children, inspiring them to lean into life and make some big changes for themselves.

Mount Shasta Akashic Immersion 2022

The results of my clients and students also began to skyrocket:

Lisa, owner of a yoga studio downloaded the outline for her first book and is working with Emily to download each chapter in the Akashic Records with the help of her Guides.

Chris discovered how to bring unique quantum energy healing work to the US Military.

Cat, housewife, created a program that helps people to communicate with animals and now offers that program for a premium VIP offering.

Katie made it through one of the most difficult experiences of her life, losing her 17 year old son, decided to quit her corporate job and create a new one with her expertise in Human Design, Chi Gong, and the Akashic Records.

Mount Shasta Akashic

During this trip you will experience:

Daily immersion with you Akashic Records without EMF interference
Deep soul healing and purification in the secret vortexes on Mount Shasta
Immerse in the wisdom of the ancients and train under their methods to quicken enlightenment, speed of healing, and enhance vision

Sacred community of Lightworkers who will witness and hold you in your highest potential

Mount Shasta Akashic Immersion includes:

Full day VIP immersion into secret vortexes of Mount Shasta ~$750 value
5 days advanced metaphysical training with master level practitioners (Akashic Records, Tai Chi/ Chi Gong, Alchemy, Astrology, Dream Work, Vision Quest, Meditation and Breathwork ~$14,000 value
Advanced Activations within the Akashic Records from multiple ancient starseed and terrestrial lineages ~$$$ priceless
Engage in deep soul purification resetting biological and neurological systems~$$$ priceless
Uncover key codes of Alchemy (personal harmony & psychic mastery)~$$$ priceless
Integrate a personal experience with the Ascended Masters~$$$ priceless


Travel, lodging and evening meals.

Pre-requisite: Learn to Read The Records Self-Study or Masterclass


Your investment in your higher learning and growth:



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