Welcome everybody, welcome to Spiritual Biz Chat for Spiritual Biz Magazine, and today we have joining us Emily Harrison, a mentor to Visionaries and Thought Leaders in the realm of the Akashic Records. Welcome, Emily, thank you for being with us, how are you doing today?

EMILY HARRISON: It’s an honor to be here, and such perfect timing with the Winter Solstice inviting our most potent creativity and reinvention. The Akashic Records (which are the realm of consciousness where all information, past, present, and future is stored from the perspective of unconditional love and zero judgment) have a way of opening new possibilities for all who come in contact with them. It’s my intention that everyone who reads this gets a boost of the magic, seeing the effects of this intelligence right away.



It’s a pleasure to have you here, Emily! Just a few years ago, you made a brave decision to leave behind a successful career in Hollywood and commit yourself to spiritual healing. What made you come to such decision? Could you share the story behind your personal journey down the path to your current life’s purpose and work?

EMILY: I know, right? Most people are pretty stunned that I could leave behind such a rich experience. What could possibly be more exciting than Hollywood?

Well, the first thing I’ll share about bold decisions is that I have a history of making them. I love them! Always embraced them. It’s how I ended up in Hollywood at 19 years old. Small town girl from the Mid-West. Fresh college drop-out (because that sh*t just wasn’t inspiring). In 1997, I was attending the University of Missouri-Columbia (on multiple scholarships), when I drove home one weekend, slapped a ‘Los Angeles For Rent’ magazine on the kitchen counter, and announced I was quitting college and moving to Hollywood. So, this history of making bold decisions was already illuminated in my blueprint. It makes them far less scary and waaaaay more exciting when you’ve done it a few times. (I’d love to note for anyone out there who isn’t as comfortable making bold decisions, the cosmic law of assimilation says we can not only share/imprint information with each other, we can also imprint the ripple effects of experience. Meaning that the energy template of confidence can be transferred to you.)

Back to LaLa Land and exiting the smoke and mirrors of the most influential industry on the planet. What on Earth could pull me away from this kind of living the dream?

It wasn’t so “Earthly” actually….

The answer is, “the movies” literally came to life.

Who can forget the classic line from The Sixth Sense, “I see dead people”? In a nutshell, that’s what happened. Up until this point in my life, I hadn’t considered myself super psychic. Definitely not the kid seeing dead people. But, I had picked up meditation as a trendy (a ridiculously effective) way to manage my nerves for auditions. Anyone who really commits to a meditation practice knows what happens next. The benefits are so seductive and powerful, you keep going. And going. And going. All this meditation had fully turned on my psychic awareness, which I discovered one day when I was playing around with a neighbor to heal his bone injury. I say playing around because I wasn’t certified in any healing practice or modality at this point. I was completely winging it.

So here I am in my front yard, my neighbor’s leg propped up on the little French tea set nestled between my front door and my Zen Rock Garden. Like I said, I was winging it. I had a tuning fork that I liked to wave around, so I did that. I maaaaay have been a bit too lost in my imagination and done a couple of fairy twirls here and there. However, my friend’s eyes were closed and no one else was around so maybe I won’t fully admit to that part. Anyhow, the point is, I was fully present with my imagination, holding an intention to help my friend heal, when… his father who had passed long ago, appeared with a message that changed both of us forever. As I relayed the information that came in from this beloved ancestor, I watched my friend heal before my very eyes as the connection he’d perceived to be lost, was restored. And me, because I received a calling in that moment, to teach people how to open their energy field to receive more.

Wow, how inspiring! What was the turning point in taking the steps to make your passion a business? And how have you managed to turn that into a business?

EMILY: Lol, well, my friend’s dead father appearing was one of them, for sure. This was the catalyst that resulted in me leaving Hollywood and diving into a deep spiritual study and practice, with a commitment to teaching others what I gained mastery over. I chose a dedication to the Akashic Records because I was interested in everything, not just mediumship, psychic abilities, and self-healing. I also wanted to comprehend more of the cosmic mysteries. I wanted to understand the non-linear concepts of space and time. I wanted access to advanced creativity like others who had mastered the ability to instantly download intelligence from this field, like Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and Steve Jobs. After my spiritual study and initiation into the Akashic Records, I instantly began putting my Hollywood skills back to work and created a spiritual teaching presence on social media. I did live tutorials, created recorded content, offered readings (which I don’t do anymore….I’ve got to teach you to fish, not load you up with them when you come to visit, yeah?). I naturally brought a sense of fun and lightness to very deep work. People definitely responded and I started making money in my “business” right away.

Getting started was the easy part. I had the motivation, but I was pretty clueless on how to run a business. Passion wasn’t enough. Passion had me caught in the hamster wheel, running like mad and making slow progress. I remember one afternoon, feeling pretty pleased with myself for having collected $250 for an hour session. Then something hit me, literally knocked that smug grin right off my face…for some reason my brain calculated just how many of those sessions I would need to do, to ever see six figures of income in a year. Sobering. Exhausting. A bit deflating, if I’m honest. There are skill and mastery, beyond passion, needed to be a successful entrepreneur. I realized I had a learning gap.

So, there was a second major turning point/bold decision, where my “business” truly became successful. This happened about three years in for me when I hit a huge iceberg in my personal life. One that resulted in me making a survival decision for myself, my family, and my business. I made a decision to go “all in” and hire the best business coaches I could find. I invested all the money I had, and a lot of money I didn’t yet have. (This was the other option to doing what I had always done in the past to make ends meet, which was to find a second-side-hustle.) And yes, it came from collapse. It came from struggle. This up-level was born in a breakdown. That was the year I took my business from making around 60k/year to making multi six-figures.

Now, as a side note, I want to clarify, I don’t believe we are required to learn through strife, even though most of us still do. As we continue to evolve and find new ways of healing our energetic disharmony, we will create opportunities to learn through bliss. But, we’ve got to master the 3D version of learning (which comes through polarity and experiencing conflict), before we can move into the higher dimensions.

Emily, as the creator of The Akashic Academy, can you share with us a bit about your school and its purpose? Who is this school for and how can your clients benefit from it?

EMILY: The Akashic Academy is a modern-day mystery school dedicated to returning access to the most profound spiritual technology in the Universe, the Akashic Records. Yes, that’s a bold statement. But, think about it…once you (and eventually, everyone) has access to the same Master Intelligence, what do we stand to accomplish?

Now, because I’m psychic, I can hear some of you freaking out. Yes, I said eventually everyone will be able to access this technology. Some of you are thinking it wouldn’t be such a good idea for “asshole-so-and-so” to have this power. You are correct. “Asshole-so-and-so” should not have access to this, and neither should your inner “asshole-so-and-so”.

Not to worry, this intelligence is pretty advanced and has that covered. To fully access the power of the Akashic Records, a being must undergo an initiation rite. One that includes deep soul examination and purification. At the Akashic Academy, this is done with students in the space of their Akashic Records, so they can comprehend their own personal patterns from a soul perspective. Students learn to re-attune to a frequency of love, compassion, and begin truly seeking the highest good for themselves and everyone connected to them. This kind of soul purification has an amazing side effect of healing your physical, mental, emotional, health, wealth, and relationship karma. The things my students accomplish while working with me is humbling. Things like publishing award-winning books. My clients have healed themselves from energetic disharmony that resulted in paralyzing depression, auto-immune failure, family estrangement, job dissatisfaction, they figure out how to rebalance. They find their soulmate. They leave their no-longer soulmate. They restore soulmate relationships they thought never could be salvaged. They start mission-driven businesses with the principles of success that I’ve learned and they do $50k program launches. My clients are even ex-military officials who wish to bring enlightenment practices to the military. One client developed and implemented a unique protocol using the Akashic Records, which is now landing her contract after contract training military professionals.

And no, currently this is not a study for everyone, because not everyone has developed their consciousness to a level allowing the knowingness, that this realm even exists. Only those who have spent time and dedication to their own mastery will encounter the Records. For those who are not ready, this ancient wisdom will remain hidden. I work with Visionaries and Thought Leaders (who can be expressed on the macro or the micro, meaning you can want to change the world or you can want to change yourself) who are ready to unleash their true genius by learning to access infinite intelligence from within. I work with Souls who are done refusing the call.

Depending on your goals and dedication to quantum mastery, the Akashic Academy offers online course content, which can help you turn on your intuition and learn to heal yourself of redundant karmic patterns. And for the most dedicated students, we invite more intimate access to me personally, through VIP mentorship programs, and sacred vortex travel for high-level activation.

While mentoring your clients to manage their personal energy and heal their bodies and minds, what do you mainly focus on? Do you only work with them on what is here and now? Or do you also believe in their karma affecting their life today?

EMILY: Oh, juicy questions there. Let’s break that down.

*While mentoring your clients to manage their personal energy and heal their bodies and minds, what do you mainly focus on? Do you only work with them on what is here and now?* – Well, there’s only the here and now. Past, present, future, are all human concepts that distort the true nature of time, which isn’t linear. It’s all happening, all at once. If I had to boil this work down to a “main focus”, this is a perfect example, which is learning to shift your consciousness to hold a higher perspective. When you learn to see yourself from a whole new perspective, everything, and I mean everything, changes. I’ve created a unique system that allows seekers to unlock previously hidden perspective, things they never saw coming.

*Or do you also believe in their karma affecting their life today?* – I define karma as unlearned lessons, and you bet I believe it’s affecting people today. Most people, even more enlightened beings still have some. Me included. If you find old patterns coming up, ah-gain, and get frustrated with having to deal with the same old sh*t, well, you’ve got karma. True, this karma can come from a “past life”. And, also true, that the pattern is showing up again under new circumstances, right now, or you wouldn’t be aware of it. Whether in relationships, money, business, health, our unlearned lessons will continue to show up everywhere until we’ve learned them. The benefit of the Akashic Records is that they provide very specific information about why you haven’t yet mastered a particular lesson, and what you need to do to get it done.

Ok, now that we’ve had all this present moment talk, (heehee, get what I just did there?), I will share that there is an element to time travel in my courses. I absolutely teach my students to travel into “past” and “future” lives, to recover important information. Plus, it’s super fun.

What is your ultimate goal with your work? What is your mission? Your dream? What are some projects that are on your mind and that you are currently working on?

EMILY: My ultimate goal is to usher the return of the Akashic Records as a practical spiritual tool, changing the world as we know it. The most valuable resource we have is intelligence. There is secret access to a vault of intelligence, freedom, expansion, peace, health, and prosperity for every being on the planet. We’re at a tipping point where the old paradigms of our society are crumbling. True leadership will arise from within. My mission is to inform leaders how to access their own inner guidance, expanded creativity, and release their most potent genius, as we collectively call forward a New Earth. My dream is to see this technology in the hands of entrepreneurs, storytellers, inventors, parents, Elon Musk… just thought I’d throw that in there, how cool would that be?…#newyearsresolutions

Other projects coming in 2021…we’re currently planning our Spring Vortex Immersion retreat, which will be a business/spiritual focus, helping entrepreneurs enroll in high-end programs for the year, calling forward and aligning to their most lucrative opportunities through their Akashic Records. Summer and Fall of 2021 also have vortex immersion retreats scheduled for Mount Shasta and Sedona. These retreats are focused on advanced spiritual practices and initiation, rather than business.

And, something I’m very excited about, the upcoming release of a documentary film made about my journey to speak on stage at Harvard University in the fall of 2019, giving a keynote presentation on the Akashic Records. A month after this release, I’ll be taking my second Ivy League stage and delivering a presentation at Columbia University, which will coincide with the release of my first book, More.

Is there a final message you want to let our readers know? Or just any last little words that you have for them?

EMILY: Yes, I’d love to impart a powerful lesson I learned back in Hollywood. This comes from rules of story, character, and scriptwriting. Everything means something. Nothing is random, nothing is a coincidence. What’s that mean for you in this moment? It means nothing is a coincidence. You reading this interview isn’t a coincidence. If you’ve gotten this far then I’ll say the Akashic Records are trying to get your attention. And, this probably isn’t the first time…

So, allow me to leave some breadcrumbs for anyone who wants to follow them. If you’re still scratching the surface on your metaphysical journey, check out www.theakashicacademy.com for some amazing free courses and gifts to get you familiar with how energy works and sharpen your intuition.

And, if you are someone who doesn’t have decades to spend catching up, who knows you’re here to change the planet, who knows you’re going to need skills that modern-day society doesn’t teach, who desires recalibration to superabundance, magnified creativity, effortless receptivity, and a sublime state of flow, then I’ll invite you to schedule a fifteen-minute call with me, to see if we’re a right fit for deeper work. https://theakashicacademy.com/contact/

Thank you, Emily, very much! It has been such a pleasure chatting with you today!

EMILY: I’m so grateful to be received by your audience and hope everyone who’s read this interview is blessed in meaningful ways. It’s been a great conversation and one that’s only getting started…

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