Today I want to fearlessly share my superpower with you. 

Although, I’ll warn you, this superpower used to backfire on me before I understood it. 

I don’t see what is, I see what is possible. 

This backfired on me as a kid, when I made a decision to jump down my home staircase which was twenty plus stairs. Yes, there was a massive pile of couch cushions and blankets waiting to catch me, but still… that isn’t something I’d do again. However in this moment, the possibility of flying through the air, free, was greater than the challenge I faced. 

This superpower also backfired on me as a young actress in Hollywood. In my mind, I was already a Leonardo DiCaprio type, a natural. I would get scripts to practice from my agent and in my head I was NAILS, y’all... However in the casting office I would crumble under my nerves. This stark awareness of myself is what lead me to chi gong, a practice that helped me cultivate my subtle energy body, so I had a better shot at accessing all that brilliant creativity I felt I had. 

And, this superpower has backfired on me in personal relationships. Holding space for the highest potential, neglecting the truth that we all have free will. And some people won’t find their potential in this life. 

Yes, I’ve suffered sprained ankles, painful ego checks, and heartbreak as a result of this superpower… But I still wouldn’t trade it. 

When I look at you, I don’t see what you see. 

I see your highest potential. 

I see you already victorious over your greatest challenges. 

I see you as a champion over your circumstances. 

I see a world where we’re all this version of ourselves. 

Even if it takes us a couple generations to get there…

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