I’ve spent a lot of time (front row) at leadership conferences and business training events the last three years…mostly learning, but every now and then I take the stage myself. 😉

You know what baffles my colleagues everytime?

The “niche-i-city”,

or “niche-o-city”

or “niche-ery”

(See what I mean? 😉 I made up a couple words there, hope you can follow.)
…the sheer amount of specialty that I’ve managed to harness and turn into a thriving business. A business that’s changing the game for other Visionaries and Thought Leaders, which feels amazing!!

Visionaries and Thought Leaders who have access to the quantum field of intelligence will innovate society and bring great rise to the r(evolution) that has already begun. A revolution that will unleash INTUITION as a master skill (once again ) in humanity, finally allowing our freedom and Divine Right as sovereign leaders, to create that which is in collaboration and the highest good of all of humanity, including self.

Okay, that was a channeled message, by the way….if if I had a video recording of how fast my fingers were just typing it would blow both our minds…just a side not for anyone who thought that was too wordy.

The path is being forged. You know if you’re reading this, it’s for a reason, yeah? You’re part of the up-rising. (Another side note for anyone who’s noticing a shift in your frequency as you read this. That’s your signal. It's time to find your passion, no matter how “nich-o-licious” it is. Let’s just say you can’t be too “niche-y” with it. The “niche-i-er” the better. Bottom line is, it’s go time.)

Personally, as I reflect on my journey, it’s crazy thinking back to my humble beginnings with this business. Our house was so small then, my only hope for an “office” was clearing a corner in my garden shed, and sharing that corner with, well let’s just say “nature”, so as to not freak some of you out. I remember this time fondly, nonetheless. I remember when the shed door was open a breeze would blow in that was absolutely heavenly…and, if I remember correctly, it was my friend, Corey Poirier, who teased me about having a strategically placed fan to act as an on-set wind machine. (Corey and I share a similar background in the Entertainment business.)

As many good memories as I have from that timeline, it was also one I needed to shift…I recall, it was also in that shed I rushed out of an afternoon meeting to sign up for food stamps, for the third time. While that made me feel sad and feel under-accomplished, it also drove me…

Finding drive is a gift, even if it comes from challenges.

I also found personal drive from a more epic story line…I know, what's more epic than starting a business while you’re on welfare and sharing office space with big spiders?

I’ll tell you…

It’s a planetary shift that returns personal sovereignty and divine creation on this Earth. Think about what it’s like when you feel passionate about a subject…think about what it’s like to live in this state…then, think about what it would be like to live alongside an entire civilization in this state, all here to serve each other with their gifts and skills.

Can anyone truly stop you from creating this?


This is the Divine Blueprint for humanity. To know ourselves as creator beings, and experience ourselves in divine rhythm, moving as one with all the cosmos (which includes each other, so we can’t be fighting….peace reigns, yeah?)

This question again, can anyone truly stop you from creating this? The mainstream media (who programs most of society) will try. Are you still listening to their narrative?

Play with me for a moment so you can see for yourself. Ask this question with an open mind and you'll likely get a glimpse into all the fundamental changes this would bring…rapid download style. Try it…
Imagine the feedback loop you create with the Universe when you ask this question:

“What do I love to do and how can I serve others with my genius?”
Now, imagine the feedback loop you create with the Universe when you ask this question:

“What job can I get so I can pay my bills?”

So why aren't more people doing what I’ve done and creating their own jobs? What’s the missing piece?
INTUITION is key to seeing what the logical mind will miss. Intuition will open the flood gates to Universal Consciousness, allowing you access to unbridled genius and creativity.

Learning to harness and cultivate the intuition to unleash our next level of ingenuity as a civilization, has been the missing piece.

Until now…

I hope this share inspires you beyond measure, to dig deeply within and discover the true meaning of your life. Why are you here on the planet?

And of course, I’m overflowing with gratitude because while I’ve worked diligently to get here, I most certainly didn’t get here alone. THANK YOU to everyone who’s been along for this ride. And a special thank you to Bill Homann, who joined forces with me to create something so radically extraordinary. Nowhere else on the planet can you receive an experience so innovative, it can drastically uplevel your consciousness and human potential in a very short amount of time. Which we need, we’ve got work to do.

Ahhh, to play with quantum magic all day, I love my life.

In love, light, and deep gratitude for what we can and get to create together,

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