Who is the real me?

The real me wakes up the morning after a long weekend conference to a sick kid, then preps to lead a powerful workshop on finding soul direction.

The real me goes above and beyond to make the aforementioned sick kid an awesome lunch, even though she’s exhausted. 

And the real me wants to share something personal with you.

I want to share why I do what I do. I want to share what issue in life that I’ll take a fierce stand for because it’s what’s most important to me…and that is PERSONAL FREEDOM.

I’m not talking about an arrogant, entitled sense of freedom to do as I please, without regard to others (Although, at least one of my teenagers is currently in this growth phase and holy cow is it challenging). 

I’m also not talking about the kind of freedom people like my little brother protect… He’s served our country in active duty for 20 years. While I’m so grateful for the country I live in, the FREEDOM I’m talking about is on a personal level.

The kind of freedom that I’m taking a stand for is being free to make decisions that aren’t influenced by trauma, pain, lack, or unworthiness, as it’s so easy to let these human conditions dictate how we show up.

The kind of freedom that I’ll take a stand for, is the freedom of true self love. Freedom to see myself as talented, loving, generous, beautiful, special… things we all long to feel but can talk ourselves out of in an instant. Talking ourselves out of this state causes us to make decisions that keep us playing small. And I personally want the freedom to play big in this life.

I want to create a legacy that matters! One that reminds us the importance of self healing and letting go of our trauma.

I want to teach people how to have a new lease on life by accessing their freedom to create, to manifest a life worth living.

A life that includes the freedom to connect deeply with others, rather than being governed by the shame and blame of our past relationships.

A life that includes fun and adventure, rather than trading all our time for just enough money to get by. (I’ve lived many seasons of my life this way and can tell you the personal work required to escape the matrix is challenging at times, but definitely worth it!)

I want this kind of freedom for myself, and I want it for you, too. We’re all in this together. This kind of freedom will bring peace and prosperity back to our planet.

This is a time of radical transformation for humans. We’re experiencing rapid growth in our consciousness, which is our ability to know ourselves in relation to our surroundings.

For me, the biggest thing I’ve learned during this revolution of consciousness, is just how much I had enslaved myself with my patterns of small, wounded thinking.

With the assistance of my Akashic Records, which hold all information about my soul from the perspective of the GodMind, I’ve been able to see my patterns, understand them, and ultimately change them.

That’s freedom.

And it’s AWESOME.

And why I created a program in 2015 that has been changing the lives of thousands of people across the planet.

And why I initiated into a mystical order of spiritual teachers that are devoted to sharing wisdom that will transform the collective, known as the Order of Melchizedek.

And why I’m writing this post for you, today.

If you crave the same sense of freedom, want a life full of fun and adventure, and dream of getting to know the real you, your next step is to learn more about the Akashic Scrolls - and you can do that for free here: https://theakashicacademy.com/akashic-scrolls/

What will you take a fearless stand for?

For me, it’s personal freedom. And this is the real me.

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